Akuma training?

First off let me start by saying this isn’t a pity thread. As of recent I’ve noticed my improvement with Akuma has reached a certain limit where I’m not quite sure where to go next. My skill on ranked really isn’t that high, but I’m not the worst player in the world. I’m just not quite sure what’s next for me and my Akuma. Also the only input I still have problems with are DPs, I still mash those and I am plenty ashamed. Basically what I’m asking for here is 1 on 1 training. To help me understand 1 frame links and more advanced combos, better set ups for ultra 1, stuff like that. If anyone would oblige I’d love that thank you.

Also I can’t post a video due to no capture card and no video camera to have you all critique my Akuma. Thank you all in advanced :smiley:

Face it, there’s no way around it: Read the stickies, follow the links and you’re off on your quest to play a better Akuma.
If you don’t already know the best setups for U1, then you haven’t paid attention to the threads/videos around here. Took me the first week of Akuma-play to get all these basics down, that was a year ago, switching from Ryu.

Now go go go! Read, Watch, Practice!

A somewhat decent Akuma doesn’t even need ultra to win, to tie the match maybe, so don’t worry too much about U1 setups. Just practice the fundamentals in endless battles since points don’t matter in those and you’re more likely to run into a character other than ryu. Once you feel like you have the basics down, watch some tokido videos and try to mimic what he does and ask why it works (go into training mode with it) afterwards

This is true. There is plenty of information out there to read and utilize.
I have pretty much everything down, the thing I’m working on to get perfect right now is lowering my number of hit confirms. Making sure I get that c.lp, s.HP xx lk tatsu everytime to maximize damage and stun. That’s the one thing that can up your Akuma game big time. It’s almost a must.
Maybe give that a shot if you haven’t already.