Akuma Training?



Anybody want to train with me?
I was hoping for a training partner for probably a couple of months? I really want to up my game.

If you want, you can give me a trial game to see if I’m around your level.

My XBL is Kyusuke.

Post your gamertag here if you’re interested (or if you invited me) since I usually don’t accept random friends.

Thanks a lot guys!



Also, I suggest a pair of glasses.


where are you located regionally because I hate connections below 4 bars but can handle 3.


In Hawaii, but in 2 weeks I will be in Boston for school


@ SickNasty

I’m posted in there already. Besides, I do not want to play against an Akuma. I want a training partner that will last for months.


Right, but making friends with someone should technically mean that it will last far more than months, and you should probably get in the habit of playing as many people as possible, it will help you put everything you learn into perspective.

I can play as many as 60 matches with any given friend on my list in a day, sometimes more than one. There are always intense matters discussed! “IN THE LEFT CORNER YOU CAN’T CROSS-UP,” and “WHY SHE SLAP” is among them.


PSN:delrizo i main ryu/akuma, but i also can play guile and abel.
I live in so cal. Been playing SF for awhile since SFII championship edition.


I was rolling when you and West were talking about safe air-fireballs.


If you don’t destroy me and I don’t destroy you we can both learn from each other probably! I use Chun/Akuma, and my Ryu is a tad worse, trying to learn Gouken but he sucks right now.