Akuma Trials

Akuma Trials 1-20

  1. Zugaihasatsu ( :f::mp: )

  2. Gohadoken ( :qcf::p: )

  3. Zanku Hadoken (in air :qcf::p: )

  4. Goshoryuken ( :dp::p: )

  5. Tatsumaki Zankukyaku ( :qcb::k:)

  6. Hyakki Gosai ( :dp::k: follow up with :lp:+:lk:)

  7. Raging Demon ( :lp::lp::f::lk::hp: )

  8. Misogi ( :d::d::d::3k: )

  9. st.:mp:, st.:mp:

  10. j.:mk:, cr.:mk: xx Gohadoken

  11. st.:lp: xx st.:mp: xx st.:hp: xx EX Gohadoken, EX Goshoryuken

  12. j.:lk:, cr.:mp:, cr.:mp:, cr.:mk: xx :hk: Tatsu

  13. Air Tatsu, st.:hk:, cr.:mk: xx :hk: Tatsu

  14. EX Hyakki Gosho, EX Shakunetsu Hadoken, st.:hk:, cr.:hk:

  15. Hyakki Gojin, cr.:mp:, st.:mp: xx st.:hp: xx EX Gohadoken

  16. Zugaihasatsu, cr.:mp: xx :lk: Tatsu, cr.:mk: xx cr.:hp: xx EX Goshoryuken

  17. cr.:hp: xx EX Tatsu, cr.:hp: xx EX Shakunetsu Hadoken, cr.:hp: xx EX Shakunetsu Hadoken, cr.:hp: xx :hp: Goshoryuken

  18. :mp: Zanku Hadoken, st.:hk:, st.:lp: xx cr.:mk: xx st.:hp: xx Misogi

  19. EX Hyakki Gosho, st.:mk: xx st.:hk: xx EX Hyakkishu xx Dash, st.:mp: xx :mk: Tatsu

  20. Tenmakujinkyaku, cr.:mp:, cr.:hp: xx :lk: Tatsu, cr.:lp:, st.:lp: xx st.:hk: xx Misogi

Not my video, but here’s all the trials completed:

19 was pretty annoying. hardest of them all by far for me.

Akumapikachus video was great and showed all the trials but vespers video is a lot shorter and it shows hands.
Not saying that you should change the video but here is link to vespers


Can’t wait to get my SFxT finally tomorrow! I’m gonna play Akumas trials first :slight_smile:

Ah yeah thanks that’s much better.

I am stuck on 10. Can anyone write a quick description of how it should be done? I’m still very much noob when it comes to being able to link, chaining I seem to be getting the hang of. I can get the j.:mk:, cr.:mk: right but cant end with the Gohadoken. Sometimes it will come out but it doesnt count it, so I am doing something wrong.

I understand someone writing it up wont be the answer to my problem but it may point out something I am not doing correctly.

do the cr mk into fireball fast. its a cancel so you are canceling the cr mk to start the fireball.

Break it down like this:
j.:mk: + cr.:mk: (you’re holding down at this time).

Now, the fireball motion is “QCF+P.” All you’re doing is rolling to forward from down, right? Ok. If you look back at cr.:mk: you already have “down” pressed! All that’s missing is forward. So…Once your cr.:mk: hits, IMMEDIATELY roll to forward and hit punch to complete the motion. Its called a cancel. Hope that helps, this is the best I could do.

Thanks for the responses. I did notice the other day you can kinda shortcut it as you are saying above. I think just my lack of skill with a stick and cancels etc in general is why its not happening. Practice practice practice I guess. The fact im getting the fireball out(sometimes) must indicate im getting better at the motions, now I need the timing. Hmm, frustrating lol

Just practice with that stick of yours, when I first got one I couldn’t do anything but about 5 months later I’m a lot better with it (not perfect) still have some issues with inputs sometimes…

Can someone please explain #19 to me? I dont understand how i cancel the Demon Flip with a dash? I really have no idea what iam doing wrong :smiley:

I am now about 50% success rate with this trial. Progress! Lol

Need to steer away from getting to the cr.mk and spamming out the fireball and learn the actual time to execute it.

Trial 11: seem to get the punches and ex fireball about 80%. Yet to get the goshoryuken out though. Oh well, progress is progress :smiley:

You wanna cancel the :hk: into an EX Demon Flip, holding down the buttons, and input :f::f: