Akuma Ultra 2 official

goddammit they (cap) didn’t bat an eye

The real nerf is the retardation of his artwork.

I’m confused, was it not official before?

Damn, I was really hoping his old Ultra wouldn’t give the opponent so much super bars in SSFIV…

Some were hoping they might change it the last minute as KKZ’s animation is already in the game(taunt5 (maybe combined with sth like Vipers Ultra)).
Now let’s hope there is another way to combo in besides this EX.Airhado Setup.
I must agree that the artwork looks horrible. Proportions are confusing me and I really don’t like this style.
Vanilla SF4’s was much more pleasant to me but this is purely a matter of taste.

although i dont like the way it looks or the imputs im curious to see what we can do with it. if nothing else though we can just continue using ultra 1. its not the end of the world. im also curious what will happen if you whif the hit…

It heals 25% of Sagat’s life and stuns you.

There went our last hope for a replacement of ultra 2 =D

Does his torso detach from his bottom half? It looks ridiculous that his top half is stationary while all the energy and presumably his legs are rotating around the bottom…

Horrible…just horrible. I’ll stick to SGS and be happy.

What about combo’d version? Does his standard Tatsu super from third strike?

If you’re asking if you can combo into the tatsu super in Third Strike then yes you can.

No, i’m questioning if the Ultra has a combo’d version (Say, similair to Kens Shinryuken) & if it does, it may possible end up very similair to his Third Strike counterpart. If it does, then the whole Ultra looking crap shouldn’t matter becauyse majority of the time you’d be comboing in to it.

That is if you can combo in to it.

Who in their right mind would think that looks good at all? I just don’t get it.


I like it, but that’s only cause I don’t play Akuma. It kinda looks like he’s winking during the KO freeze.

Why does he look so sad and sleepy? I guess the realization of that U2 he’s stuck with hurts more than DP trade fwd+RH into Ultra from Sagat…

brb… slamming my dick in a door.

In the ssf4 akuma thread someone says that you can combo into ultra 2 with FADC backdash. No confirmation yet, but if that’s the case I don’t care what it looks like.

Um…I think its ridiculous that we have to “settle” to combo an ultra with a focus crumple. Focus crumple should guarantee us a free anything let alone a garbage ultra