Akuma Ultra 2 official

No. He doesn’t literally helicopter at all, in fact the end of the hit is basically a dive kick, it’s just the hurricane animation obscures his lower half.

It looks like it comes out fast, like Ken’s.

After trying some stuff out, I can land every single character’s full Ultra in Vanilla SF4 after a crumpled level 3/2 focus attack. Guile’s and Vega’s can also be easily done by charging after the dash and same with blanka for a level 3 focus. But for Blanka level 2 and like full Ultra for Chun and Balrog you have to charge in the focus then dash ultra I’m pretty sure.

There should be no reason that this shouldn’t land after a focus. But hey maybe it works with a focus crumple backdash, or focus crumple no dash. You never know.

Or else they want the Ultra to be a joke and a way of embarrassment if you beat someone with it.

The best case scenario would be that this stupid looking ultra will be more viable on some characters while SGS is better on others.

He meant SRK FADC backdash into ultra. If thats the case this ultra will be fucking sweet.

The ultra moves akuma forward ALOT. There is a video of an akuma trying to land it on ryu off of a srk fadc forward and akuma passes right through him. And in the akuma ssf4 thread someone said that Eita played the game and is telling everyone he comboed ultra 2 off a demon flip slide. This ultra is porbably better than we think.

EDIT: oh yeah your right west, I read the post wrong. He just canceled the demon flip slide with the ultra. It will still be a cool trick, but comboing it would have been way more awesome. sigh

thats like comboing off sweep

fuck this ultra.

i will boo and heckle anyone that lands it.

Ooh I wonder if you can now super cancel the slide and maybe U1 cancel it as well.

I… I actually enjoyed that Tom and Jerry clip. I haven’t watched those kinds of cartoons since I was a kid lol.

The stupid whirlwind effect at the end of Ultra2 is still fail though, all they gotta do is remove the whirlwind off after contact, and maybe do a short snip of his leg/foot hitting the opponent, and it’ll be alright.

hate to be the bearer of bad news…but some people are reporting that it doesnt work off a focus crumple, as the hitbox is so high.

Old news.

Can anyone confirm that it hits after srk fadc backdash?

I don’t care if this new ultra is useful or not; the stupidity of it shames the name of Akuma and I will never use it in any matchups no matter how well it may be. But I will use it once, and that’s the first time I use him in SSF4, just to see how dumb it feels to actually use this thing. After that, I’ll stick to the RD.

for anyone who STILL CARES about ultra 2, i know i don’t…but:

it’s official, from Wiz, that the only way to combo into ultra 2 is EX Zanku. ALSO, ultra 2 will NOT connect off of lvl2 FA but WILL connect on a lvl3 FA.

Why would you want to waste your Ultra meter after a focus crumple though? From what I understand the ROFLcopter does about 400 damage.

Akuma can deal 400 damage from a focus crumple without even using meter…

Being able to do just as much damage with no meter is a pretty decent reason IMO… :wink:

im not so sure its useless yet. i mean maybe u can land it after air tatsu. for christ sake you can land air tatsu>f.MP.

idk just throwin ideas out there. ill prolly use it against ken since i never land RD against him anyways.

Hakan showed that he did a splash after a sweep (or just a knockdown, dono) and that comboed. Additionally dudley can do two sweeps > ultra; that’s either him or a whole new mechanic.

Nobody knows how useful and fun wallbouncs will be either…so hold tight.
Corner ex-tatsu, bounce, U2!

Jk I never played 3s

lmao…guess Im the only person who doesn’t mind U2,sure they could have stopped the twirl but eh.So the only ways to combo so far are lvl 3 FA and ex zanku :/,God I really wished this could have been an AA ultra…

Because Ultra I isn’t? o_O