Akuma: Ultra giving one-two EX bars to opponent. I still think it's balanced tho?

I’m new to SRK forums so first I’ll say hi. I’m a gamer in Malaysia and it’s sad around here because there is little to very, very little of what we call a Street Fighter’s community. Singapore has us beat on that. So it is rather hard for me to find anyone to share with if not online.


Akuma’s Ultra is rather balanced I’d say, having played the past versions of him. Does anyone ever regret about his ultra having landed on the opponent, gives him 1-2 EX bars?

I apologize if this has already been stated. I could not find a topic on this by lurking and it’s a bit specific for the search function to allow but.

Why I think that Gouki’s ultra is balanced.
I have been using Gouki since 3rd strike so to me the changes of his ultra felt balanced.
Let me just mention why:

> For the sake of it I should mention it took me a while to change from a parrying gameplay set to being more classic in my setups, jump-ins, rushdowns while juggling patience; and I’m fine with that.
> In thirdstrike much of the people who played 3rd strike would rather not pick gouki because of his incapabilities in EX.
> They granted him EX but have limited him in quite the few ways:

  • His tatsu requires a more particular timing if I am not mistaken and some matchups need him not to use it. Or rather, I find myself using it a lot less in SFIV.
  • His ultra may not be as easy to connect this time around, and is unsafe if done openly; however it is an option from a -whiffed- demon flip and a user can get his raging demon a lot faster in SFIV.

Opinions anyone?

Generally no because if you land the Ultra it is a huge momentum swing or a game ending move. It is a hard ultra to land since there is no combo, but when it lands it drains the enemy’s life bar big time.

hi there, me too a Malaysian SF fans … Yeah, we are lacking in terms of community compared to SG but the community is definitely out there. Have you visit www.insert-coin.my ??? Lotsa happening there :slight_smile:

Regarding the Demon vs the EX bar it gives the opponent, i think it has been discussed before. IMHO, its not perfectly balance as other chars with ULTRA that is as damaging as Demon doesn’t gives opponent that much EX :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding the tatsu, i find his tatsu in SFIV is a very very important tool and contributes a lot to his game in SFIV particularly :slight_smile: … think of bnb and vortex bro …

See ya …

It always makes me laugh when I throw akuma out of his ultra.

What the heck you’re trying to say?
U ask a question whether it’s fair that opponent gets 2,5 stocks and after that you answer yourself by maundering sth about losing parry, no ex @ 3rd, your personal preferences with lk.tatsu and your inability to land demon often.
My opinion on that? Go and read the Akuma forum. If you got issues with lk.tatsu (there’s nothing you can call a “more particular timing” with it) or landing demon, head for the stickies.
Did that really need a new thread?

the only time i feel giving away all those EX bars is bad is when I use the Ultra on Ryu and it’s not the final round. That’s because it’ll probably give him full super for the next round, and against a good ryu you’re prettyu much 90% guaranteed to get hit by that shit.

I think it’s bullshit really. They make a massive mistake, you punish them for it, and they get two bars for it. Against someone like Rufus, it’s really frustrating.

Ryu is 100% likely to land the super if he knows what he is doing. Not even joking. You better hope he has to use some meter or you have a nice life lead or you’re fucked.

^nuetral jump ex tatsu baits for ryu super all day…they think they can land that shit fullscreen makes me laugh…1ex<4ex…worth it everytime…same tactic against seth’s ultra.

I’m just asking people on their opinions against/with the granted EX bars after landing demon. To see if people felt that it was a problem.
Provided I do know my own opinions and twas just sharing em.

If I ever felt at regret at giving the opponent 2 solid EX bars is probably against a proper blanka.

Yea I am more scared of his Super than his Ultra and he has a damn good ultra. Though it is funny if they attempt to super your sweep and you time the demon just perfectly.

^^Whats worrisome about blanka? Stop fireballing.

@Loyal: If I’ve ever gotten super’d from sweep:

  1. mashy player
  2. sweep connects, demon wasted
  3. demon eats super anyway

My opinion? After Demon, the poor soul is either dead or dying. Nothin’ to worry about.

Baiting noobs is an entirely different thing. A Ryu player who knows what he’s doing won’t fall for that shit.

Actually a good Ryu can super your sweep on block.


Example at 7:25.

Your only hope of not eating the super is to time the ultra as late as you possibly can, if it works you land your ultra. If you don’t have ultra you are screwed.

^OOooh super on block. thought it was super on startup sweep

I don’t have a problem with spacing nor do I fireball unnecessarily. In fact I PREFER he waste his EXs on me.
What’s worrisome is that after pulling a R.demon on Blanka, he has an ultra and a free FADC.
It puts some pressure to the rest of the game.

Specifically Blanka.

I dont understand.
“In fact I PREFER he waste his EXs on me.”
“he has an ultra and a free FADC.”

so he can ex-ball > fadc (burns 3; good for akuma) and has no true reliable way to combo into ultra; situations most of which you can air tatsu out or teleport. Blanka with ultra should not really scare akuma UNLESS he activates from corner, when we must resort to block :’(

Sorry if I did not make myself clear.
I meant that as a free FADC and Ultra – not to combo into ultra but having both on a Blanka feels as it gives him quite a chance to make a comeback.
It allows Blanka (or rather one who knows what he’s doing) to pin down and put pressure on akuma.

Cornering is not a clear advantage anymore. If he is trapped in one. Any sucessful blocked string is bait for his surprise foward. Even moreso, any good blanka who knows his game against akuma will always amazon river > akuma’s warp with akuma in said corner, allowing him to put pressure.

What I am saying is, compared to many other characters, it seems that as Blanka seems to be much more of a problem with a good EX bar and an ultra in hand.

I guess to my gameplay it sounds worrysome, perhaps not to others. I’d clearly say however that it is rarely the same issue in an exact scenario against Ryu or Sagat.