Akuma Ultra Glitch?

Mods - if this is old or has been discovered elsewhere feel free to close this thread and delete. I did a basic search and came up with nothing.

I don’t EVER create threads, but I thought this was interesting enough…

I was playing one of my friends online last night and a very strange thing happened. It was Akuma (me) vs Abel (friend). I was going for a cross-up demon, he attempted to AA me with cr.fierce, and I thought I had a guaranteed ultra, unfortunately, when the ultra slid in to hit, the game glitched and we switched sides, not smoothly, its like it really glitched and Akuma went sliding to the side of the screen whiffing the ultra.

I am going to try this out in practice mode when I get home, but I have a strange feeling that it has something to do with the forward moving properties of Abel’s cr.fierce. If anyone else has time today please play around with it and see what you can come up with. I’ll post my results tonight…

^this should go into the demon mechanics or match up thread not it’s own thread for 1 instance…

OK - I’ve never seen a glitch like this though and figured it would get overlooked in just a thread post.

Either way, I was playing with srk member Hiryu and he will confirm that it happened as well,… it was a pretty intense match, and when the glitch occurred we both just stopped, it was pretty funny…

happens all the time with moves like sagat s.RH

Happened to me yesterday against a Ken player. He went for an ambiguous cross-up, I did the motions :r:, :lp: + :mp: x 2, :l: + :lk: + :hp: as he was still in the air, but not quite crossed up yet.

Akuma turned around (auto-correct?) and went flying in the opposite direction with his SGS… Wierdest thing I’ve ever seen.

I think this is a bit different that what I’m referring to, in this instance, and I believe what West is also talking about, is that Akuma and the opposing character actually glitch and change sides, not an auto correct.

West - it has to be something to do with the forward moving properties of the s.RH, and Abel’s cr.fierce…

I wonder if something like Rose’s forward standing kick (not the slide) causes this same reaction…

[media=youtube]3lW6xvzBr7U#t=0m25s[/media] Like this?

YES!!! wow its old,… just wonder if we should determine WHAT moves cause this bug/glitch and try to avoid the cross-up demon’s on them…

I had that happen once where it switched sides and I got hit by the c.HP and then Ultraed. I was so pissed.

yeah its happened to me ONCE. i dont think its to big of a deal to make a whole new thread about, however it is still weird

threads already been made, sorry! :bgrin:

I now know to watch my “basement demons” on Abel though!!!

leason learned, thats all that matters i suppose

Wow…this could be a way of able getting through akumas super? can it happen on reaction?

I would say no. Because it is random, incredibly risky for almost no reward, and the super is inescapable at point blank range.

Yea…i see…just a option… could be a last resort move.

The Abel player would HAVE to know about it, and if it were a last ditch effort, while you’re crossing them up and see a cr.Fierce come up, you’d have the option of punishing with a basic bnb… or in my case I could’ve ended the match with a jab! lol

@Fisttaface - I’m not sure this works with super, only ultra…

I’d recommend watching your basement demons in general. BLEH at that term, and that ultra setup.

Yeah not sure where the term came from, but heard it a couple times, I’m not a fan as it doesn’t apply to the situation at all, it should be called a “cremon” (pronounced cream-on) get it, cross-up demon? LOL

Ultima - when are we going to get some matches in online? I don’t just play Akuma, I can give you some Chun practice as well! =D

Shit man it’s hard to keep track of friend requests, especially considering most of the people that add me don’t ever actually play me. (lol) Send me another invite unless you’re already on my list, I’m going to Final Round next week so I could use some some Chunner experience.

I’d play you more if I knew our connection would be better… I just went to a higher speed Fiber Optics service (16 Mbps DL/ 1 Mbps UL), maybe we can try again sometime. I know I wasn’t much of a challenge that last time we played, but at least I was able to find the right timing for the cross-up tatsu, though since we’ve played, I dread the mirror match… :razz: