akuma ussf4

hi, out of all of the different akuma versions on ussf4 (eg. ae 2012, sf4, omega etc.) which one is the best excluding omega version?


Best to Worst:
SFIV > SSFIV > AE > AE2012 > Ultra

Notice a pattern?

aside from dwu usf4 akuma is gdlk. st.hp buff would be absolutely broken in other versions

Vanilla st.HK, air Hado, and DF throw (along with a lot of his other shit) would be broken in every other version as well, much more so than st.HP cancel.

Vanilla Akuma is Def top 5 char of all chars all versions. I think he was saying that stand hp buff added to any version of Akuma would break him to banned level

Vanilla ST.HK > USF4 ST.HP

His stun output in Vanilla was nuts.

300 stun red fireballs and ex tatsus

But yea I think usf4 akuma is better then 2012 akuma, the close mk, far hp, easier u2, and faster fireball are really good and practical buffs that improve his game, even with a small nerfs of 2 frames added recovery on jump back air hado and no sweep into demon. You can still low profile demon with low forward, you just don’t get focus bait sweep into demon, but ultra 2 is a better overall ultra anyways for practical combo into ultras and teleport safety against os’

If you compare them in isolation yeah I agree, but if picking 2012 version means no DWU then he’s better.

Dwu and -5 dp fadc are universal so I don’t really knock usf4 Akuma for that.

USF4 Akuma is the most complete version and also least boring to play (IMO). I remember the early days of having a friggin’ spread-sheet open with all his setups. Way too robotic and boring.

You really think this? I mean everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I definitely feel like Vanilla Akuma is both the most complete and best Akuma has been in all of SF4. U2 and faster Hado are definite buffs that he didn’t have in Vanilla, but imo vanilla st.HK functions as an in-between mixture of USF4 cl.MK and st.HP, but with added combo-ability and better damage (although no special cancel of course, that would make it the best move in the game). Vanilla also had better throw setups, better air hado, way better Shakunetsu, safe DP FADC, higher damage and stun, ridiculous st.HK, no DWU on sweep, overhead DF Palm, and less recovery on DF throw. Even though U2 for sure helps him against characters who can easily OS teleport, it’s more of a one-time thing and is mostly used for max damage combos, so I’m not sure if that really skews most matchups in his favor overall. st.HP to an extent and better Hado are literally the only things that I can see that are better than their vanilla counterparts, so I’m not entirely sure why you feel that way.

No, you’re right. Vanilla Akuma is definitely better. I just find USF4 Akuma more “complete” because he’s a bit better at zoning, he still has a vortex, he can combo into U2, and you have to play him differently due to diminished vortex. I guess he’s more of what I personally wanted out of the character. But I get your point.