Akuma v.s. Ryu/Ken


What do you think the outcome will be? I for one would be extremely pissed if they killed off Akuma. So much, I would probably have to set myself on fire in front of the creators house if they did. (j/k, but I probably didn’t have to tell you that.)


Akuma will probably school them both…leading up to Evil Ryu. Akuma wont die, because he has to kill Bison anyway.


I figured as much, but you can never be too sure what the authors would do.


Use your head a lil bit guys, theres no way they would kill off akuma this early in the comic when they have to much story to input into the comic series. Im sure Ryu and ken will put up an average fight but then akuma will get serious and own them. That will lead to Ryu transforming into Evil ryu for a short while, maybe.


maybe ken/ryu will spare akuma? or ken might die…then ryu will get mad and turn in evil ryu? or maybe ken might comeback from the dead and become voielt ken?! the possialities are endless…:o


Or maybe Ryu and Ken will get rocked by Akuma and Shin/Evil/Violent/Riot/Orochi/Cyborg Dan will interrupt and save their lives.


Sakura Awakened to Her Alarm Clock but Late for School will destroy Akuma.


Ryu and Ken knock Gouki down a cliff with a DOuble Hadouken. Later, s Ryu is walking off into the sunset, Gouki drives up to RYu in a Mack Truck. Since Gouki was cheesing him, Ryu jumps up to kick the Truck yelling “CHEEZA!”


you both wrong

akuma beats both ryu and ken then Gen jumps in and fights akuma to a death match.


You are all wrong. Goken’s spirit possessed Sakura and killed Akuma.


Just kiddin.

Sorry, can’t help but to join in…


If that’s true I’m damn excited! Man…i’m sad lol

LOL so glad you’re kidding, I have a Capcom Europe forum mate who loves Sakura literally, & if this happened he’d go on about it forever, I’d go mad…


Actually, none of u are right.
Akuma comes to kill Ryu, but Ryu doesn’t show up, and instead sends Ken. Akuma quickly dispatches Ken, but Ryu sneaks up and hits Akuma from behind with a chair. Instead of hurting him, Akuma doesn’t even flinch. He uses the Shungokusatsu on Ryu and it sends a chain reaction that kills all of Ryu’s family, including his little sister Chun-li, but u don’t find that out till later.


then akuma gets defeat by gulie because he’s sleeping with the boss’s daughter.


:lol: :lol: :lol:


lol that is some funny stuff guys.

I do think Akuma will own them both though. :smiley:



Akuma gets pissed and starts beating up cliffs, trees and oceans like he always does, inciting the anger of Captain Planet and the Planeteers


“Let our power combi-”
"aaaaaaarrrrgh!sizzle "



LOL. I can hear the SF II ‘hadoken’ sound bite, followed by the echoing ‘aaaaarrrgggh!’:lol:


1 word: Servbot.

He took the entire SRK Character Battle Poll 2. Some little Ansatsuken panzy boy should be nothing.


Well i predict Akuma will beat the crap out of both of them the ken gets a call in his cell phone and tells ryu;
Ken: Ryu i got great news!!
Ryu: =groans= What a way to defeat akuma?
Akuma: =curiously looks at ken= hmmm
Ken: Nah man, I just saved hundreds in my car insurance with Geico.
Ryu: Thats great man. =Fist Pound=

well if u wanna know wat happens next, let me know ill write u a book. It will be free but ya gotta put something for shipping and handiling. :lol: :smiley: