Akuma vs chun

I have with this match up i going to face jwong this weekend an i would like some some info on this match up cause i have not been able to beat him yet well his chun anyways plz give me some tips if any.

some advice that has work well with me is:

  • work zoning a lot, watch out for the distance of hp, and c.mk (its the only way she can connect SA2 from a certain distance)
  • when she’s getting too close try escaping, she’s got too many options when close to you (high and low SA2 hit confirm, throw, throw and SA2 baits, etc)

before chun gets SA gauge:

  • go footsies, try to anticipate her hp and other ranged pokes with c.hk
  • fp fireball works great too
  • thows

after chun’s got meter:

  • early cancel demon flip, and look how chun responds to it (vertical jump, dash, block…) and adjust to it
  • meaty air fireball
  • meaty cl.mp --> kara throw or bait a low parry to c.mk, mk.tatsu, hp.srk


  • random hk.tatsu
  • far away fireball
  • use teleport wisely, if you teleport out of the corner with punches not kicks chun can SA2 you with a very easy timing, while kicks teleport often confuses. Or if you see an opening escape the corner with hk flip
  • avoid throwing just after wakeup, it’s better to get thrown than SA2
  • and avoid predicting parrys when you could do better by just blocking

here a vid of me vs a chun in a toury so let me know what i should do to improve my game vs chun it at the end tho so just ff if you dont feel like watching me vs ken an any help with ken would be nice to lol [media=youtube]JVkfyC8qB_Y[/media]

AHAH!! Im elfootman at youtube… i did comment you 2 months ago
you are a very nice gouki player, I like a lot how you play, you play safe, I just would add some minor stuff…

I think you should

  • meaty air fireball (the guy replying at youtube dont know whats hes talking about)

  • abuse f.mp and uoh and early cancel lk demon flip (lot of stun)

  • throw more

  • I think you dash forward after jumping back with air fireball too much

  • you guess parrys (I would strongly advice against that)

k thanks man i got rape by jwong but it was helpful advice vs other chuns but jwong is just too damn good

watched a bit of that vid.

Two things stuck out the most which you should work on to improve your game.

  1. Find some better opponents who don’t leave as many openings, and who take full advantage of all your openings. That should stop you from guess parrying and giving more value to the openings you create.

  2. Develop a corner game. You had the guy cornered more than once (though he shouldn’t have been there in the first place) yet you jumped back with an air fireball giving him all the space he needed to get comfortable again.

thank you harmonaz ill try that jwong told my i need to improve my corner game as well i guess i fear chun low foward super an ken shoryu i will try to improve my game by what you told me thank you.

No problem :tup:

When you have them cornered, low forward super or shoryu is something you should never fear. Your corner game has to involve a few things:

Keep the pressure on. The ONLY thing on the opponent’s mind should be - how do I get out? Not - how do I shoryu him.

Any openings where the opponent could possibly hit you - make sure you have option parries ready. So if they do try a random shoryu - you either block or parry. In terms of shoryu, you’ll mostly see that when a) they block/parry an air fireball and try to interrupt your next move so always make sure you’re ready for that b) they block a hurricane - NEVER do hurricane when you have them cornered. As for Chun doing a low mk… start off by staying just outside low mk range and then exert pressure. Believe it or not, just standing there and not doing anything is one of the best forms of pressure - opponent is waiting for you to do something and possibly create an opening, so when you just stand there you are basically refusing to do that and instead waiting for THEM to make a mistake while trying to get out.

This is mostly to do with experience. You just have to keep playing and playing and then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Good luck :tup:

be REALLY careful with your demon flips against chun, and take every hit confirm you can get. don’t get crazy and try to save up for a demon or something if your getting in hit confirmable normals. chun can end akuma FAST so don’t take your connected bufferable moves for granted. one stock in the hand is worth two stock in the bush.
also, chun won’t meaty you if she is smart cuz you just can’t meaty akuma. so play it safe on your wakeup and just block or do an toward+mp if you smell kara throw but again pay attention to what she ticks into throw with.
good luck, its a fun matchup imo from both sides but harder for akuma cuz he has less room for error.

Ask Therapist. He’s played against J.Wong a good bit. Other than that…try not to cry.

some good tips in here…

who’s darren from ctf? i played him in my room at NEC.

IM darren from Ctf lavaheart who are u

gouki is my char en Sf3s, and chun gives me a lot of headaches

I can’t parry some normals of chun yet, besides she has a lot of range attack

a good chun-li user pwns me in a second ; _ ;

good vid , the first match likes me a lot… =)

mixah… i’m the asian kid that was hanging in the room talking to you about akuma stuff.


my room was the one that helgen was hanging in… it was me, j4yx2 (jay jay, the punk’ed out asian chick), allen (the epidemic), Vapulus. I was next to sergio’s room.

thanks zero i need to work on my ground game but chun is not that bad when u think about it for gouki i mean i rather use gouki than ken vs her cause ken has a harder time getting inside then gouki does but that just how i see it tho

o word what up man how ya been i remember now good times i kara demon ur whole room lol but yeah man i had great time playing you guys just wish sergio could keep his pants on.


Great Gouki play against Chun. I will PM you some stuff.


NO thanks JR akuma for Life.