Akuma vs Hugo how to win?

I’m wondering if the forward kick or fierce punch would be a throw or a 360. Also what are some effective methods against a good poking game.

air fireball him to death.

That and hurricane kicks to the back of the head:mad:

just keep doing fireballs and keep ur distance…thats the best way…pokes will not work agianst him cause he will just get u in a 360:cool:

i know u cant be grabbed when u do his overhead… does that count for 360s too? that he cannot be grabbed… im just talking form the top of my mind but i think im right… i mean even raging demon cant get him when he does that move…

you can’t play an up close fight against a hugo unless your execution has no gaps/holes in it. mainly, hugo can usually “mash” 360 and grab you when you’re recovering.