Akuma vs. Paul Phoenix

Yea, I tapped out on the whole SF Contest thing, cuz the whole Idea sucked and I suck equally.

Now with that out of the way, I will show you lovely people what I’ve been working on this week.

I wanted to add some motion lines but SFMC, said I didnt really need them, so I stood by what he said.

Ok, Paul wiff his Phoenix smasher and Akuma sets him up for a nasty elbow. It dosn’t really read clear, something missing. Well anywayz I’ve talked long enough.

Here is the drawing first.

Now some colour

Here it be…

whoa, man ur coloring had improve greatly!!! lol u sure sfmc didnt color that :stuck_out_tongue: great job!!!

oh yeah and i kinda gave up on the contest as well, lol sad, i just couldnt find time and was also lazy


Yea that contest never really thrilled me. So I made better use of my time.

Excellent. The Colored-In pic was great.

hey Deonysios, you’re really improving :slight_smile:


  • I don’t get the impression that he’s gonna elbow Paul in the face, he’s in a really static stance (except for his beads) and seems to be striking a pose. Perhaps give him a wider stance, and depict him winding up for the blow (twist at the waist?)
  • Akuma needs more crotch… also his leg disappears behind Paul.
  • colours look nice, but don’t gel together. This is a bit of painting colour theory, it helps if there is some unifying colour running through your piece… I suck at colour so I can’t explain this well. SFMC?

Good improvement on the last time i saw this pic. Sorry for the short reply over aim, but like i said i was so swamped with im’s.

I think the sign on akumas back should run with the wrinkles. The sign looks kind of like a patch right now. Good job on differentiating Akumas red hair and pauls clothing. On Akumas arm you need to find a midtone, because when i squint my eye all i see is a dark and a light.

Since pauls color is so hot I think the highlights on akuma could go warmer and let the shadow fall back into a cooler black. Cool down the shadows in pauls clothing also. maybe magenta or purple would be cool.

Wrinkles look a bit static. Put on some pj’s and pose in the mirror for wrinkle reference.

Overall good job and a huge improvement over the previous pic. peace.

The color is much better than the first one. The only problem I have with it is that it looks like they are posing instead of fighting. I’m not getting what the body positions are doing for you. Great anatomy though :smiley:

I’m with ShinFantasy, they look too static and Akuma looks more like he’s barely dodging it if he’s lifting his arm like that like “oh no!”… Imagine some guard break poses as dodges now and you’ll get what I’m going at.

The coloring and anatomy are great.

Nice. I especially like it because it has both my favriote characters :smiley:

Dammit I knew it was too stiff

Sigh, It’s all good though. I might make some kind of feeble attempt at some motion lines to make it a little clearer (is that a word?..) Thanks for all the comments. Im gonna be doing Ryu vs. Kazuya next.

EDIT: Eh, SFMC, your right about the symbol on his back and the tones in Akuma’s arm. I didn’t notice that shit till its was too late. I couldn’t find a color that completmented red, so I ran with pink.