Akuma vs Remy

Ive ben have some trouble with remy players that use the old sko0l guile tech :lame: , the only way i see any openings to attack are to jump in and parry the flash kick, but even then, flash kicks recovery is not bad so i cant punish them a hole lot. Ive ben using teleport and cross over dive kick to mess up there charge timing for the sonic booms, but the flash kick still gets me :sad: , anyone else having this problem?

Flash kicks have B A D recovery, and you suck if you can’t punish them. Out~

well 90% of the time i an jumping in when i parry flash kick so we land at about the same time, making pretty hard to set up any good combos, and also, i dont know what ppl u have ben playin but nost remys i play use light flash kick, and the recovery is not all that bad. and i dont really care about how much u think i suck, kid.

use tatsumaki’s or UOH to get over low LOVs, just duck when a high LOV comes and techthrow accordingly and work your way to the front, seriously.

the problem is not the sonic booms(or wutever the new name is). Ive have ben just jumping into flash kicks, parrying, and canceling a poke into SAI(i poke to avoid being grabed, as low mk is a lil slow 4 this situation). Is there any other particualr way to win this?

Down parry+block on Remy wakeup…there’s not much he can do. If you can knock him down in the corner, there shouldn’t anything save for wakeup super that could get him out. Train him not to retaliate with flash kicks by being defensive on wakeup, then use :r:+mp and UOH to punish low block(UOH+SA1 if you know the spacing, nearly a guaranteed low mk+lk tatsu combo on wakeup/ throw). Do alot of crouching short+RH tatsumaki to annoy him. Akuma has way too many tools to waste time on Remy^_

Edit: If you aren’t confident about jumping at him don’t, especially if you see he has a flash kick charged and waiting. Learn to do Akuma’s karathrow, it adds TREMENDOUSLY to his game, and is easy to do. Either people will constantly eat it and get thrown, or they will try to counter throw from absurd ranges, allowing you to low mk+anything. Walk up while parrying the Lights of Justices(???) and keep poking with low mk. Block and immediately throw any CBKs.

well i have been karathrowin ALOT when fighting remy and that most of the damage i have been doing ^_^. Hmmm i havent really ever tried linkin a SA from a UOH, up till now i havent had the need to. Well thx for the input :tup:

remy can duck the hurricane kick, but the last hit connects if he doesnt do anything. remy can duck the last hit hitting akuma with cr short into rrf everytime if he times the last hit correctly.

Give up. Remy is unstoppable.

Air fireball > flashkick.
how could you not figure that out.

nan… sweet av even though dudley get’s pwned by ryu…well not really lol. crakawut why didn’t u put this in the matchups thread youngsta…It don’t matter just curious.

yeah a good remy is frustrating but if u use what people have told u here u’ll be good.