Akuma VS Rollento - Help

I use A-Akuma and ive been trying to figure out the timing after u knock down rollento to Activate DemonFlip Grab… i cant get it to combo… anyone got suggestions? go ahead. thanks.

that is one of the most difficult stunts to pull off imo.

two pts i noticed to get this to work is:

  1. use the P version of the grab
  2. rolento should have JUST stood up but not yet recovered.

if gunter’s around, i’d like him to provide some pointers. i’m having trouble with this too.

hmm yeah, ive been tryin last night and this morning… pretty difficult…when he just stands up and has not recovered, i hit punch, and it just knocks him right back down…

i agree. that’s what happens to me most of the time as well. so far, i’ve succeeded only TWICE. but that’s my observation.

pointers, anyone?

bump. Well, i guess if its that hard i dont think ill be risking meter for something i probably cant do.

true. i’ve been trying this incessantly in the past week or so but couldn’t get it to work even once. hail bas :confused: