Akuma VS Ryu comic (work in progress)


All I have done so far are pages 2 and 3, and knowing my work ethic that’s all that’ll ever get done, so enjoy these two atleast,




I love your heavy blacks DZ. awesome stuff :slight_smile:


I gotta quick question, DZ. When you did this, did you go from drawing black, then drawing over that with white again? I just can’t get over the look of his jawline and bicep, they just came out so well.


Yeah it’s all a mix of adding and subtracting. Sometimes I shade with the black and other times I take away. Whatever looks good.


hey… this is pretty good. seeing SF characters in this style… it’s a fresh look at things. for me anyway… maybe i just live under a rock.

edit: just saw the akuma on your DeviantArt page. sweet jesus.


…Outstanding talent and style - Excellent work here…



i couldn’t resist…


Wow I love your stule Zombie. Just great.


wow thats sexy


Thanks for all the replies everybody.

wombat, those are some nice colours man, I like how you carried over the gritty look of the line work into your colouring style.

FistofFury, your fanfiction is awsome.

Here’s a sketch of Ryu in the same style,



I was gonna request an Akuma in that style but we’re all doin that for the character contest thing from Chain. :open_mouth: Nevermind.


i’m lovin’ the style!

good job!