Akuma Vs Smoke vid i made


This is a Flash video of match between Smoke and Akuma. 2 characters i really like. i finished it about 2 montsh ago but only showed a few people, so here you go if ur even slightly intersested its worth it.

Just Click the Picture

(Dont Know If this should b in fan art or fan fiction so i posted it here)


that was pretty cool, gj


Very Very Nice.


What is it that Akuma said in the middle of Demon? lol

Very nicely done


shit was dope. i enjoyed it.


nice, it was dope, make more lol


damn, that qualifies as another good mk vs sf 3 vid.:wow: you got mad skills!!!:tup:


keep it up, good work kid…


that video was fuckin savage! good job!

You spit hot fire!!!