Akuma vs Thread Nazi's



So whether or not you start a combo off with c.lp or c.lk, when the content is crawled and indexed, the search function is going to pull it up regardless.

It aggravates the hell out off me when elitist pricks jump on the newbies for “you should post that here, you should post that there”

wtf, why? first off the newbies don’t know any better. 2nd off, even if you didn’t know how to use search, it’s easier to browse 2 pages of topics, than it is 9 pages of a thread. 3rd off, the content is crawled regardless.

So if you type the keyword in search, it doesnt matter if it’s in an akuma matchup thread or an akuma vs ryu thread.

I love the stickies because it consolidates the information… but imo you should lock those threads and leave the OP’s post… then just amend it when a good point is brought up during a discussion. it’s easier to navigate, and it prevents the Hall Monitors from killing the discussions.




I only post crap like that for fun, I was nubby too so I understand. But I didn’t go making a bunch of threads, I read every current one in and out before throwing something out there. I think people just need to be broken in a little, let them lurk a while and then post.


wait so who are u mad at? and ur newbie too, look man. Us 09’ers gotta stick together before these pros chew us out


oh I’m not mad at anyone in particular. I’m new to THIS board, but not new to message boards, and there is a certain etiquette… jumping on new people to illogically post in certain predetermined spots is just rude, and it ruins the experience of those trying to learn.

I could care less if a “pro” “chews me out”, it would just show a lack of maturity and concern for wanting to help someone who is asking for help.


and I’m not trying to stick with 09ers… sorry man, I’m trying to better the board not side with a group of people. If I end up taking your side in principle then so be it, but I’m obviously not looking for friends lol.

I’m just sick and tired of browsing these threads for new tips, and always seeing “why didn’t you post that here? are you dumb? you’re an 09er and I’m a SF geek that lives in his parent’s basement and jerks off to walmart underwear catalogs”


More than likely, the information is out there already. It’s pretty one-sided to expect people to help you out at every given opportunity, just because you can’t be bothered to sift through nine pages in a thread to find an answer for something. Chances are, what you’re asking has been asked and answered quite a few times, which is why people become bitter. It’s a two way street.

Ultimately, if you’re serious about learning, you’re going to read the threads anyway.

You know what, I don’t think I’ve ever made a thread here at all. Weird. I mean I could have for my Akuma tutorials, but I was a good boy and posted them in the video thread.


lol how long did u look in the dictionary to make these posts? looks like u just flipped to random words and tried to fit them into sentences.

the fact of the matter is, it has nothing to do with join date, its just common among new members because they generally make threads where theyre not needed,thus diluting the information available, making it harder to find for more newbies…its a vicious circle, i know.

concentrating and organizing information isnt “elitist”, its common fucking sense


I agree, I think if we had more active mods around the akuma boards it would be fantastic. Straight up lock and wipe out threads that have no useful information, consolidate others to make information easier to find for everyone, not just nubs.


I hardly post either. But like I said, the search function is going to work regardless of how the board is organized. It’s not about laziness, it’s about ease of navigation and readability. expecting someone to read 9 pages is retarded, because alot of the threads are cluttered with jokes and shameless self promotion about how good one is, and you have to read through all of that crap in order to get the good stuff.


what are you illiterate? it’s called a reading level… apparently yours isn’t above elementary school. maybe you should break out a dictionary to read it before you respond with stupid shit. crawling is the act of a server processing new information and indexing them so the search works. I work for a web analytics company and I configure search engines all day, so I’m using tech terms.

how is leaving a stickied locked, and amended, unorganized? posts from newbies aren’t sticked, so who cares? if someone wants to answer let them answer… who the hell crowned you with the responsibility of speaking for everyone? just because you get annoyed, doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t want to help.


Not to “jump on you”, but why are you posting that complaint here? As far as I can tell, the Akuma board has gotta be one of the most newbie friendly boards on SRK. I personally answer the same questions over and over all the time and never say a thing about it, try finding that kind of friendliness in any of the other boards.


why do i even try…


Well, locking the stickies would be pretty counter-productive, especially since Street Fighter IV is still budding with knowledge, Akuma especially so.

What Muken says is true though, Akuma boards are for the most part pretty friendly, I only make fun of posters when the thread has a lack of any question or said question is so vague that my mind explodes.


I told you why. I’m sick of seeing “you should post that here, post that there” in every post. it ruins the thread and adds to a thread count which serves as more filler to expect people to read through. it’s hypocritical.


That’s why you amend the stickies. and again, I never said the boards weren’t friendly. I’ve played alot of good games w/ people off of here. this is board improvement… it hurts.


Your argument is a little empty, a lot of forums will straight up lock duplicate threads and this is pretty much the same concept. If you want the information, you gotta read, how you think three threads running concurrently about the same topic is going to help this board is beyond my understanding.

OP’s would then have monopoly over that information if the sticky in question is locked, and since they don’t update the original post enough with match-up information, I don’t see how that would be good for anyone.


But why here? By doing so you’re implying this is an “Akuma board” related problem. Especially as someone who’s engaging in a discussion about board organization in the first place, surely you must see that by placing your complaint in a character specific board, you are implying that board in particular is problematic. Why didn’t you post this in general? Are you saying that the other boards don’t have this problem? Or are you saying it’s worse here?

As I said, comparatively speaking, I think I’m justified in saying we’re one of the least anti-newbie boards on srk. And then on top of that you begin this discussion in a highly confrontational manner. If your intent was merely to debate “is it better to organize the board this way or that”, your post doesn’t need to be confrontational. Speaking of being counterproductive, you have already sabotaged your own discussion from the beginning.


i think there is already a thread like this. try the search function.


different people participate in different threads. The people that are really into street fighter, are going to read pretty much every thread, right?

So you (assuming you have mod privs) take the good information you find, and copy / paste it into the locked and stickied thread.

1 topic, 1 page, all of the relevant information broken down into appropriate categories.


lol nice.