Akuma vs vega wrath of the missing demon

In the second round of this match vs vega i used raging demon after hitting him with an overhead. The thing is I go straight through him and I don’t really see why. I guess it could be the recovery time after my overhead hits him but still… I know its a bad match and I don’t play ssfiv that often since none of my friends do but I hoped someone here at youtube could give me an answer to what happened here. Im playing online, ranked on xbox360. I also used my Canon Legria to film this and unfortunately the 360 makes alot of noise. Thanks on prehand for answers!

The desctiption in the clip is the same as the one I’ve written here. This really bothered me and I can’t beleive all the trouble I went through to actually get an answer haha :slight_smile:


I wasn’t suppose to post it yet the video wasn’t “up/finished”. Anyway I know about hitstun but still. If I hit an enemy and then perform demon it’ll take a second extra but then the demon will hit the enemy if he/she isn’t moving, am I right? Here I go straight through Vega and when I’m at the other side of him he kinda jumps :S

First, you didn’t leave the link to your video up.

Second, you can’t overhead and then immediately demon because the opponent is still in hitstun. That is, they are still “stunned” from the attack you hi them with. If you could immediately Raging Demon them (which is a grab), it’d be unfair because they wouldn’t be able to move and get out of it. The game doesn’t allow this.

You have to kara cancel it. Which means, the overhead just wont hit him. That far in your Akuma progression and you didn’t know that…


That far in my akuma progression… I just started this account and this is my first question. I don’t know much about sfiv I play for fun and I also suck at the game. Beleive me I’m not good and not getting better…just forget about it and thanks for the “helpful” answer. I tried doing the exact same thing offline and ofc the demon hits after vega has recovered. Afaik it should hit in my video to but it doesnt. And he uses his backjump or whatever its called, when I pass him.

Because in training mode the dummy sits there after he recovers. As you saw in the video, Vega does a backflip as soon as he recovers, and the backflip makes him invulnerable. The Vega could have held “up” after the overhead and it would have done the same thing.

Guess you’re right… Just looks so weird when he “backflips” so late I guess… thanks

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