Akuma - What you think?


Hello guys simple question what you think about akuma in usfiv ? Is it still good ? Is it worse ? Is it better ? Does the delay stand up hurts that much akuma? I still dont have ultra… im waiting for the full pc version but i saw many videos and things about how it performs now … maybe we have to change a bit our playstile but i think its still a beast, yes the back air fireball recovery and the -5 shoryu on block sucks but…all the shoto got the -5 so… i mean the real nerf to akuma is the stand up delay beacause of the vortex…


I dont think DWU is going to eliminate the vortex. Give it time, people will figure new stuff out, especially with Akuma who consistently gets nerfed but wont stay down.

Though, at the moment the vortex is definitely weakened. I think that makes Akuma more fun to play because I prefer footsies and zoning to anything else. st.hp makes his combos more consistent since space isnt as much of an issue for me, its a great footsie tool, and great for frame traps.

The jump back fireball thing was there to appease people who have no idea how to play this game. Its a complete nonissue. People who got beat by purely run away Akumas will still get beat by it. Few people put in effort to learn matchups, they want Capcom to win for them.

The FADC nerf is stupid though. Some characters (like chun) potentially have option selects to punish either dash in or dash out(ultra 1). Thats what happens when you let the masses of people have input on game mechanics. FADC was the main unique feature of SF4 and now they’re making it less prominent when it wasnt broken or OP. It was a little ridiculous with Seth, but thats not a system issue.


I can’t see how a legitimate argument can be made for blocked shoryu FADC existing at all.


It costs meter and 9/10 if its blocked you just have to tech a throw. I think Seth was a little too nuts with the fadc uppercut, but ryu? Give me a break. Not to mention the option selects that possibly exist against these characters on block now. I guess its a luxury to burn meter to get hit no matter what.



Thats what I think.


Wondering if I was the only one who thought of that. Either way Akuma is fine. I typically get bored and go to different characters all the time though.