Akuma Wiki

Thanks to Jesse for getting it going with the copy/paste from the forums and formatting it, I’ve spent a little bit of time editing the page and adding some info. Still a lot more needs to be done, such as frame data, but for now it at least has some solid Akuma info (which is more than can be said for about 80% of the cast so far).

Check it out, add in your thoughts, post comments here, etc etc

If anybody know any combos for Akuma, please let me know.

Read the Wiki:


Hey props to the guy/s who updated the Akuma Wiki :tup:

Sweet! N-Akuma is beastly.

edit: Can somebody write down the correct way to get d.MP, run xx demon consistently? At first I thought it was fake when I first saw it in a video, but then I saw Japanese players doing it in person so I know now it’s for real.

I think you buffer in 2 LPs during a blocked cr.MP then forward, LK, HP. I’ll have a mess around today if I get the chance. Usually I do
[blocked] cr.MP, st.LK (buffer 2 LPs), forward, LK, HP.

run, cr.mp (blocked), lpx2 (during the blocked cr.mp) run, lk, hp. Basically, do the two jabs during your medium punch, get up and run, then finish the demon, the forward forward from the run serves as the input for the move.