Akuma Youtube channels?



Anyone have any youtube channel subscriptions that focus only/ primarily on Akuma? If so share plz :slight_smile:



I have Akuma combo, raging demon, and demonflip tutorials up, casuals with some other Akuma’s, and soon to be a vortex tut. Stay tuned.


Thanks, I appreciate the work you put into it.

= D


http://www.youtube.com/xBokkiNx just some random matches with some reversal demon vids as well as akuma’s most damaging combo.


Mostly tourney vids and PSN casuals.



Most of it is Akuma. The last few are me trying to play Blanka. It’s almost all G1 stuff.



I main Akuma.
Watch my latest Video Against Blanka.

AMAZING COME-BACK-FROM-HELL!! - Street Fighter IV Xbox Live G1 Championship Match of the Day - Akuma [ME] VS Blanka

Description: Me playing Championship mode, almost to be perfected by blanka, but turned it around and won the match! hahahaha

That was my “amazing-come-back-from-hell” victory. hahahah!



believe it or not i just did exactly the same thing, had no life left and punished a blocked srk with ultra and some how manage to avoid his ultra by going through it with an HK hurricane kick and then punished with a b&b combo it was awesome




A wakeup-mixup tutorial? Oh man, that is going to be awesome for someone like me who needs both auditory explanation complimenting what is visually going on screen.



Lol his channel changed my life thank you Demon Flip.


Vortex tutorial plsssssss…

I dont want WestAB to do one before you… fuck that guy…


^ This.


lmao, westab wouldn’t do a tutorial unless he got mad paid, and even then it would look like some windows movie maker junk with simple plan playing in the background.


lol…such hate


i stumbled upon your akuma tutorials on youtube…and even though i am a guile user i had some fun practising some of the stuff in your vids. peace.


haha i would do tuts if i wasn’t complete ass at this game
and i had a laptop
and a camera
and some editing software
but the simple plan is def a check


Yeah my grandma plays better than your scrubby face.