I am getting very nervous at this point that he might not make the cut for some odd reason since they talked about eliminating clones and they already added Ken, they said there are not gonna be that many characters on the roster and they already have 9, anyone think he’ll make the cut of the original roster or do you think he’ll be DLC? :s

Right there with you bro. He needs to be in this game. Fingers crossed he’s announced in the first 16. Adding him would be a great way to further prove the “no more clones” tag line.

I feel he will be the first dlc character. There is no way they don’t put him in at some point.

I’m very worried… that he might be a playable character in SF5. That would add insult to the Ken inclusion.

At this point the only shoto character I dig is Sakura and only to complement Karin.

He is probably going to be either DLC or a hidden boss.

I really don’t want to see his face in the starting roster

I’d like to see both Honda and Akuma. I don’t play them but I think they’re badass and I want to see Tokido raging demon people irl and I feel Honda’s gameplan in past Street Fighters fits SFV very well.

I hope he doesn’t, but we know he will, it’s not like it would hurt to have him sit out this time, he is a shoto after all, just play Ryu or Ken…

He needs to part of the original 16 roster, with the way Capcom has made Ryu and Ken different from each other they can make Akuma different just as well…

What about not no “threads for characters who aren’t confirmed/announced” is hard to understand.