Just a quick pic I made in MS paint today, biting Kandokens presketch thingy a little. I still might change some things. I have a really detailed/shaded Sagat pic ill post tommorow.


his gi is slightly out of perspective, and his muscles could use some work, not to mention, he isnt the usual intimidating akuma we are used to.


bump ;-;


hmm - some parts are done better than the rest. His forearms are ok, & his upper arms are a bit big. The other details look a tad flat, so I’m guessing you put more work into the arm?

Overall this is a decent starting point - features are recognizable, proportions are generally ok. Focus on proportions and perspective? Check out books on figure drawing (Borders, your nearest library, etc) if you’re interested to improve.

keep working and observing, most of all keep drawing :slight_smile:


I think you could buff him up some more and give him an angrier look/pose. Grrrr(just mimic his anger and you will get it). Overall good drawing. Gouki raging demons the 240 sec rule.