is this infact the hardest character to main , to win against an opponent of equal or greater skill you have to make use of all he has just to give you an equal footing due to his lack of health and inability to combo too ultra to name but two of the reasons

Akuma has so much to learn more so than any other character ive seen ,bar seth , more ways to counter or more ways to fuck up as not all can be used in every matchup the rest is up to how you preform in a match.He can beat every character if used properly but isnt overpowered in any matchups.

Sure other characters have bad matchups but akuma users seem to face the same problem in every match that is,
the need to combo from situations that most characters wouldnt and reach the max damage [were a ken could simply hp to ex srk for the same/more damage] , they cant just ultra of shoryuken or headbutt, this ultra requires matchup knowledge to use and not just a juggle system

Im sure i could be wrong and perhaps even right for reasons other than what i have stated [of which im sure there are many ] are akuma players on equal standing with the rest or is more required of them?

akuma is top tier bruv

(A good) Akuma is a thinking man’s character and good execution is mandatory as a whiff costs you a quarter of your life at least.
Akuma is top tier because he has tool available for every situation, every character, every type of play…just needs someone who is able to pilot him well.

Match-up knowledge is very important with him as you can’t play against a shoto the same you you play Guile, for example. Ryu doesn’t have this problem, at least not nearly as pronounced.

So to your question, is more required of an Akuma player…the answer is yes.

  • Akuma is at WORST the 3rd best character in SF4 and easily top tier.
  • Having more options doesn’t count as a negative its up to the player to learn them, if not then its their own fault .
  • Requiring matchup knowledge is not a downside, you should know the matchups for any character you play.

Match ups are the #1 thing holding new players back because it’s knowledge you learn over time.

I was fighting some akuma, abel, gouken online today and I’ve never played against someone who knew how to play them. I got raped by all 3.

Almost every character in the game aside from rose and dan can hold their own against any other character if you know how to play them.

A Rose just took third at WGC. Don’t sleep on her beastliness. (actually it was Luffy whom posts here on SRK I believe)

edit: But your point is essentially correct. It isn’t all about the character, it is about knowing what your selected character can/should be doing to counteract everything that everyone else is capable of doing (and in every match-up it will be a different strategy). AKA match-up knowledge.

I knew someone was going to prove me wrong about dan/rose but, every single video I’ve seen of higher level players playing them it’s still a HUGE uphill battle. On frame-advantage there are battlefield arcadia videos of sanford kelly playing both and still having a hard time.

I feel like rose at least should have more going for her.

Akuma is still not that hard to main compared to C. Viper or Gen. Not only that, but he is super easy to zone with and some characters have crazy hard times getting in on him so you should be making THEM have to fight the uphill battle.

Also he feel easy mode after you try playing with his 3s version imo.

As you get better and fight better opponents, his “weaknesses” will seem more and more inconsequential as your execution, spacing and matchup knowledge gets better.

For players of lower tier characters, this is the opposite. Over time, while fighting better and better opponents, their weaknesses and lack of tools compared to the higher tiered characters become more apparent the closer they reach high level play.

Akuma is definitely a very difficult character to use. In the hands of an expert he is definitely one of the strongest fighters, but you have to dedicate a lot of time to learning how to attack and defend with him, because one mistake can flip a match on your head.

Very well said. I main Guile…I know exactly what you mean. I went to Battlefield Arcadia and really asked myself why I mained Guile afterwards.

akuma isn’t strong when you’re still a weak player. he’s not great at all levels like other characters. it’s when you start getting good w/ him and the game then he starts becoming good.

In my opinion Akuma is top tier with the Sagats and Ryus out there. I main Akuma and keeping up with the new setups and mind games is half the fun. I usually use Akuma defensively and make my opponent come to me. No one wants to block Shakus all day at full screen. Baiting jumps and wakeup reversals is my thing. And once I’ve calmed a player down to where they don’t feel safe playing offensively anymore, that’s when I start playing wakeup and mind games. Demon flipping over an opponent on the floor after a BnB into a whiff palm and crouching short into another BnB. Akuma’s bag of tricks is bottomless compared with the rest of the cast (with maybe the exception of Seth) and that’s why CAPCOM chose to keep his Vitality so low. But with such low life, Akuma still comes out on top a lot doesn’t he?