Akumas advanced combos

How can I train his advanced combos, for example his loop and his LK Hurricanskick into crouching hk?
I tried it in training mode many times but i can only land this combos in 20% of all tries.
Is it even possible with a fightpad or should i switch to a arcadestick?
And how is the timing at this combos?
I hope you can help me :karate:

time a double tap a split second before akuma recovers from either normal. If you closely look at your characters recovery it will help you time the link. Then once you get it down after a week itll be cake.

Is that regarding the loop or tastu>sweep? I’m trying to get down the timing for tatsu>sweep before the loop since Super is around the corner.

plink the sweep, works for me.

The link to sweep after lk. tatsu is pretty lenient, just keep in mind that it doesn’t work against all characters.