Akuma's Confirmed Changes for Ultra SFIV (updated 23rd May, 2014)



So the official changes (so far) are beginning to roll in. I guess we ought to pull finger and list them.

Note: Removed some dumb unconfirmed crap. Moved some aspects into ‘unconfirmed’ where they rightfully belong.


  • Jump back air fireball recovery extended by two frames
  • c.hk cancel into Ultra Demon no longer possible. No mention of cancel into Super Demon being disabled also
  • HP + MP SRK FADC only possible on the first hit*
  • FADC DPs now leave Akuma at -5 frame (dis)advantage; FADC EX DP (for now) remains unaffected
  • HP SRK invulnerability frames reduced from 6f to 5f
  • cs.mk forces stand, 4f startup, hitbox slightly extended forward
  • Ability to perform EX air ball from any demon flip. Reportedly functions the same as the current (goofy) EX flip > EX air ball**

**Formally Listed Changes:

• Close Standing MK now forces stand on hit; start-up reduced by 1 frame (5F → 4F); hitbox expanded downward; recognition range increased
• Far stand heavy punch now EX Red Focus/Special/EX Focus Cancellable; damage reduced by 30 (120 → 90)
• Crouching HK can no longer be cancelled into Wrath of the Raging Demon (UC1)
• All versions of Back Jump Zanku Hadoken recovery increased by 2F
• L, M and H Hyakkishu now have the same EX Zanku Hadoken follow-up as EX Hyakkishu
• M Goshoryuken 2nd hit can no longer be EX Focus-cancelled on block
• H Goshoryuken 2nd and 3rd hit can no longer be EX Focus-cancelled on block; invincibility time reduced by 1 frame (6F → 5F)
• L, M and H Goshoryuken → EX Focus Cancel → Forward Dash is now -5 on block
• EX Shakuretsu starts up 6 frames faster (25F → 19F)
• L Hurricane hitbox increased downward slightly**


  • fs.hk has an extended forward reaching hitbox, assisting in FADC follow-up combos from fireballs
  • Demon flip dive kick hurtbox extended 10% (invoking possible trades and potentially making it lose/trade to some attacks it currently beats)
  • Vacuum effect of EX tatsu fixed**


  • All hitstop effects have been extended by 1f (supposedly to curtail unblockables)**
  • Delayed wake-up mechanic optionally extends wake-up times for characters receiving hard knockdowns (+11f?)
  • New Red Focus mechanic absorbs infinite non-armour breaking hits at the cost of 2 bars, otherwise functioning the same as regular focus attacks. Level 1 confirmed as invoking crumple state. EX Red Focus consumes THREE bars
  • “W” Ultra option that permits characters to party with both Ultras. Reportedly a poor option, despite being interesting.**
  • Supposedly you can still FADC the second hit of MP SRK when used as an anti-air. For example, MP DP FADC on the second hit will allow you to plug a redball (i.e. the light one as usual for max stun) or any other juggle capable special onto the end.

** It was revealed that this change is actually an extended hitbox detection frame that permits extended time for side changes to register to remove the limbo area where directional blocking (no matter which direction you hold) outright fails. A number of unblockables were tested at Super Arcade today and all failed - rendering them “fake cross-ups.” Interesting.

So far, not bad. Can’t complain. Those who exercise a lot of jump back ball tossing might feel this (hello Tokido) though on the whole he remains largely the same. It remains to be seen just how much the delayed wake-up impacts hard knockdown setups however. I expect the utility of palm and sweep might take a hit as a result of this system change.

I feel oki that extends from hard knockdowns will instead transition into advantageous positioning for frame traps when opponents decide to rise, which will apply to all characters who would otherwise normally rip into applying measured setups.


There’s definitely more. Can’t share, but hopefully one of the location testers that actually play Akuma will be able to share. AFAIK, no changes have been made to teleport recovery.


So is the sweep/ultra nerf not a big deal?


Isn’t Akuma’s vortex game going to be bad since there’s delay recovery now? Basically that will nerf him since vortex is part of his game like ibuki?


Unless we find OS to cover the wake up delay.
Akuma will still be a good tool for godlike reaction and footsies players, still be a loser for others.
And still remain down in the list of easy mode characters.

Srk will still whiff second hits, ex tatsu will keep on dropping people, ex DF zanku still be useless. Stun will still be stupid. Active frame still suck, etc.




Play on PC mate. We done fixed that ages ago.


If worse comes to worse if the initial hit doesn’t land, you can probably OS an escape teleport or demon flip. I think Akuma will still be fine. He’s still a great space control character. Also Akuma players have adapted with every nerf and still survive. This will be no different --". I still want to see if they were any changes besides nerfs ><" (please srk fadc red fireball xxlinkxx Ultra 2)


There’s hitbox/hurtbox changes on some of the tools we’ve come to rely on. You guys won’t be happy. That’s all I can say for now.


So any changes that we will like?


kineda is akuma going to mid tier or low tier?


Share 'em. That’s the purpose of the thread. There’s no embargo on change details as they are actively open for public testing, discussion and feedback.


…lol, don’t share it if it is a crouching fierce nerf. I will cry uncontrollably.


I really don’t understand how Tokido or Infiltration can make Akuma look even just an “ok” char.
But now it’s gona be worse.


have they fixed the music? TELL US CHANGES BASEDKINEDA


Hmmmm…? Crouching MK hurtbox nerf ? I wouldn’t be surprised.


I assume it would more than likely be an adjustment of the demon flip palm as it was quoted as “broken” on the capcom forums. I hope not much though as it is Akuma’s only focus breaking move. To counter red focus cancelling into that move [demon flip palm] during a block string will be awkward enough. The red focus may be fast enough to catch Akuma during pre-start up frames. I hope there is a fair adjustment.


red cancel into palm? maybe im misunderstanding but that sounds incredibly impractical, moreso than it already is


No. Lol not a red cancel to palm. The situation would be… “You are committing to a let’s say a jump in and you would need to break the red focus or block to avoid a crumple.” The optimal situation would be to break the red focus because then your opponent would have essentially wasted two bars of meter. However Akuma’s only focus breaker is the demon flip palm. So you would have to switch your block string to a demon flip palm on reaction to the red focus.


Here’s one. The hurtbox properties on demon flip kick have changed making it much easier to punish.