Akuma's Daemon Armageddon Tutorial - Balrog specific



Hi guy’s I have put up a tutorial for Akuma’s daemon armagedon featuring Balrog. This tutorial explains how to use palm to U2 option select on all Akuma’s untechable knockdowns.

I hope you like it. Please let me know if you have any suggestion, or you have something you would like to add to this tutorial.




Exactly what I was looking for. Great idea.
Lose to super and utra right ?

Never forget there’s a timeline bar that overlap the screen when we watch a video and the text you put in the tutorial is thus hidden sometimes.
It’s a tuto, so people gone stop rewind pause forward a lot, triggering the timeline bar.

another idea I hardly saw on tutorials is to stop showing/removing the text with the action. It’s impossible to do both looking at the action and reading the text. We usualy try to “speed run” the read part :slight_smile: but why not puting the text smaller in a safe corner of the screen maybe with a background masking a part of the screen, and queuing the texts in a vertical list. So we can read when we have the time, re read again if we missed something. No need to store the whole tutorial text but why not the 3 or 4 last sentences. The very last one will always be related to the actual action but we still can read the previous ones. It’s usualy to memorize the inputs so no need to watch the previous actions and we can let the video going.

Just a thought :slight_smile:


First of all. Thanks for your suggestions. I will note some of them when creating my next tutorial. Especialy the one for subtitles being too low.

As shown in the beginning of tutorial. It does not loose to anything
Worst thing that can happen is if Balrog uses Ultra 2 on wakeup. Both of you would whiff your ultras, but noone can be punished.
In some rare cases, where Akuma misses his timing (with a small error), Balrog can punish only with LK dash upper. But the hit’s will trade. If he misses his timing a lot you can punish with headbutt too :).
Akuma will counter all other wakeup reversals such as: dash (forward or back), turn punch, focus attack, neutral jump and all versions of headbutt’s and dash punches.
Palm will hit: Focus attack, neutral jump and all dash punches
Ultra will hit: dash, turn punch, all headbutt’s
If he blocks, nothing will happen :slight_smile:


ok I just found the timing for the ultra and super to win I guess. every other wakeup got beaten so I’m close. need more practice.


Watch closely my tutorial. You will see the timings for all untechable knockdowns. All timings I show there also beat ultra and super and all other wakeup reversals. I just wasn’t recording whole examples to avoid my video being too long because of unnecessary examples :slight_smile:

Just practise in training mode. I am no a pro, but I learned this in a couple of hours of practise. Unfortunetly Balrog AI is scrub, even on hardest and he will never counter damon flips, so you can’t practise with AI :S


I only tried th e double dash mk flip. it’s still hard to be perfect with instant dashes.
And for the practice I can maybe find a way to make a macro doing a headbut everytime I hit my :lp: button (the palm).


Just mash those dashes and you will not loose timing. When you see second dash has started immediatly input MK Daemon flip and there you go. You can do it even while dash is performing and it will go out. Do not wait for dash to end to input DF motion.


that’s the biggest weakness I have. dashes leftside. It kills my fadc and setups. I need to train more, or be patiente, it should come easy suddently one day…


Slow your inputs down, seriously. Quite often in this game a lot of people’s execution barriers stem from them trying to do things too fast. As a result they trade accuracy and also lose precision. IV has no need for super-fast inputs and you’ll find a lot of stuff can be input at a pretty leisurely speed.


Good point for the double dashes. I explored this “calm down, slower” spirit some weeks ago and that really did improved my execution and decreased the stress mentally as physically.

But for the FADC, it’s only left side and only because, on this side, the length between neutral <–> left on the stick is a bit too much for my thumb (for now).
Or if you want the length of the zone where left is registered (click) is too big (from the click to the edge of the restrictor as to speak).
I can do the move fast or regular, but I always miss the way back to neutral. I let the stick go back a bit and think that’s enough to hit “neutral” again, but it’s not, I’m still on the “left” sensor.

Pure stick mechanics and if I could shorten this area, it will fuck up all other moves for sure lol, maybe an optical one can offer more customization on this.
I already tried to customize my stick, a lot. Rotation of the stick on the panel to fit the arm angle for example. Result is easiest to input backward, no more pain the the wrist. I tried some setups to change the “directions activation area” but when you do this it’s solve a problem and creates 5 others (diagonals for example becomes a pain to record on QC moves if you have to hit the edge of the restrictor to get it.
I play around but after all this, I usualy go back to default configuration seeing my exec leveled up by itself in the process. Except for the whole stick rotation, godlike <3.


should try tightening the spring in your stick.
a tighter spring causes faster neutral snapbacks.
in my JLF’s i usually ad a LS33 spring.
in my ls33 the spring is stretched out to accommodate the lack of a 2nd spring.


Already explored this too Osiriskidd, Bought another spring some months ago. actualy I even tryed the opposite after a while when my hand was on point I needed the stick to respond faster I used a sloppy spring. Now I’m back to default spring not to strong not to loose. Problem with strong spring is the strength I need to maintain in a particular position, when comes the moment to input another move, there’s a small delay for the hand to release and start doing the next move. QCB or QCF also came harder missing a lot of :db: or :df: (damn TK fireballs miss).

I always end with the same result, what I gain on the straight axes I lose to the diagonals. Time will fix that I guess, and practice.


It’s true that in this game and in games in general, and even in other complex physical activities like playing a musical instrument, the natural tendency (and this goes for basically everyone) is to try to go fast fast fast as you’re learning this new challenging technique - you want to use all of your power and speed to just force it to work - but this is usually the biggest problem, not the solution. It’s true that you probably can’t execute the technique quickly enough at first, but the way to change that involves the following: 1. relaxing and 2. learning the technique very very precisely and comfortably, “becoming friends” with it in your muscle memory, at a comfortable, slower pace, while, of course, staying relaxed. It’s amazing how many times I have punished my hands to the point of pain as I’ve struggled to learn a new combo, only to look back a few days or weeks or months later when I can do the combo consistently and it just feels as relaxed and methodical as could be and laugh about how I was fighting so hard to perform such an unstressful and natural motion.

Don’t mean to derail the thread, but I know that dashing for me was (and still can be if it’s in the context of something stressful) one of the easiest things for me to get physically uptight about and then struggle with. In most more difficult combos in SF4, it’s the dash of the FADC that is the last thing for me to hit consistently because if I’m not relaxed about the rest of the combo, I’ll tighten up and only get one forward input.


Slaping you controller/stick, is this pure craziness ?