Akuma's Ending

What exactly is he saying at the end??? Are those japanese words, or names, or what?

think its the name of a move???

it’s the name for his s.lp~f.hk loop. it’s so godlike that they had to take it from him in this game but they’re obviously putting it back in for the next game…

its the language of the shire. Turns out akuma is actually a hobbit. Sagat is only 5’10"…lol.

hahahahah no but serious wtf does it mean???

It’s funny how he didn’t have this attack in 2nd Impact.

Guessing this’ll have to be in Street Fighter 5.

He learns this


I too would rather this be in SSF4; it would make his opening movie and ending make some sense. He’d be actually working towards mastering it; then is rewarded in the end with the best anti-Air EVER :china:

Everytime you win a match, he does this ‘unfinished’ move in the end, if you haven’t notice it. And since SF4 took place before SF3; it wasn’t a complete move yet; in which he did master later on 2nd Impact, I believe.

With that being said, it wouldn’t make sense if that move was his U2. That’s why we got his lame ‘roflcopter’. T_T

Still doesn’t explain why they couldn’t give him Messatsu Gou Hadouken (Or Zankuu Hadouken) which he had in Alpha…

Agreed. I don’t get Capcom’s decision with the Beyblade attack.


can’t resist another chance to say how much i hate BOTH of akumas ultras.

he should have had a fireball in there somewhere.

one regular super/ultra that can be used like a decent move.

hell, they could have made it only do ex-shaku damage or something stupid like that.

You really hate Raging Demon? comeone it’s freaking awesome man (both the way it looks and how useful it is in the game).

The thing is that traditionally, Akuma’s RD was a “hidden” super that you could only use when he had full meter(s). Example: in Alpha, you could only RD when you had a lvl 3 Alpha Combo meter. In 3S, you could only do RD (or KKK) once you maxed out your Super Arts meters. It just added another dimension to using him. Do you use one stock to pull out a Super? Or do you horde your meters for a final blow with the Raging Demon?

giving him a fireball super is just too many projectiles for him. he’s got air fireballs, ground fireballs, and shaku fireballs. that’s too many balls as is. i agree though that his “pound the ground” super is awesome looking and should have been his new ultra. roflcoptor ftw.

they should of given him the misogi from capcom vs snk,i loved dropping that on opponents.

I hate the argument that you can’t give a character something cool for the sake of game balance, it’s a video game ffs, and anything can be balanced, even his messatsu gouhadoken.

misogi would’ve been sweet … but i can imagine the juggle possibilities for ground pound :stuck_out_tongue:

He should have all the moves Rare Akuma has in M.U.G.E.N.