Akumas Footsie game?

Obviously Akuma has a great mix up game which almost every Akuma tries to exploit mindlessly, but his footsie game is often overlooked.
With the nerf on his S.RH imo his footsie game has been shut down quite a bit, It moved you foward, was 0 on block so you could either try to get a counter hit, jump away, etc. Now if you do this on gief which used to work perfectly, you get SPD’d.
Anyway, His cr.mk doesnt seem to be as good as ryus (could be wrong) but it is still a fairly good poke but the main things I wanted to get opinion about are :
Air FireBall.
When do you do this? Where do you do it, which one do you do.
I think I have a habit of doing these to much cause I have this wierd assumption in my head that they are safe. Il use a HP on a jump in to cover me and they walk forward and sweep me, Il use one jumping back and they jump over it and land at the same time as me, maybe Im just using it wrong, any tips?

Second of all is Anti Airing.
I think his Cr.HP is trash lol, maybe im timing it wrong, but it whiffs a lot, sometimes trades and just has slow start up, I try to stick to SRKs but is it just me or does his SRKs suck. When I do a HP SRK which i would assume have the most priority of the three, it trades A LOT or sometimes itl hit once and do like 30 damage…
Any tips?
Thanks a lot guys.

his cr. HP is amazing.

Im probably doing it too early cause for me it whiffs a lot, doesn’t seem like the hitbox is too great but once again its probably me, I play a lot a of seth as well so I only HP SRK for anti airs so I guess since holding down and pressing a button is a lot easiest then inputing a motion im just doing it to quickly, Il hit the lab tomorow

Very few jump in normals beat his cr. HP… I actually over use it sometimes, because with chars. like juri, im often reminded not too sleep on my incredible DP.So yea once you learn to use it as a reaction, you might get addicted too it.

His c.hp is amazing and his srk has a ton of invuln. frames and if done correctly it should NEVER trade. You just have to know when to use each of his Anti Air. fs.hp is also surprisingly good as an AA once you get used to it.
As for air fireballs, when you want to attack and cover your jump in ALWAYS use the ex version. If you neutral jump air fireball and your opponent jumps over it, it’s a GUARANTEED srk EVERY TIME (provided he’s not on the other side of the screen or something, hope you know what I mean).

the fs.hk nerf can only be felt vs gief and hawk, I don’t notice it much in other matchups, especially since I almost never used it on the chars where the 2nd hit whiffs (which means like 2/3rd of the cast)

Thanks man, I know which anti air to use depending on the distance on the jump but for some reason my SRKs just trade I them a Late HP one like people say but it still trades sometimes, and yeah I always use Fs.HK on people when it hits both crouching but the online difference I noticed for me is I would usually try to go into a cr. Jab or a throw right after because it was 0 on block sometimes i would get a counter hit or they would jsut keep blocking, but not I often get counter hit, this can be solved just by blocking after but i gota train myself since im so used to using it to get in and then continuing to get in because it was 0 on block.

I haven’t played that much over the last week, but does your assessment include counter hit fishing, or do you not do that much? Many people would go for a c.strong after a blocked roundhouse, but it doesn’t seem like it would be the same as before in all matches sans Hawk, Gief.

Good players knew the distance where they had to block and the distance where they could stuff your c.mp with their 3 frame c.lp anyways so it doesn’t really matter much. Of course i’d have prefered if they didn’t nerf the frame advantage, but I feel like the Palm nerf was worse

To be honest with the -2 it is easier to punish mashers after s.HK because their move always will cone out first.

SRK traps keeps people honest.

Provided you have 2 bars and you’re close enough, yes. Otherwise it’s really risky.

LP.SRK usually is close enough in most applications to be safe.

Did that. lp dp fadc only for my shaku to whiff! stupid max range shit :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah but this implies you HAVE to use the 2 bars, which I don’t think it’s really worth it for the crap damage of lp srk fadc shaku unless you’re really close to the kill or you KNOW you’re playing against someone who always presses buttons.
I like doing srk after blocked fs.hk only when i’m really close because i’ll have to use the bars only if my opponent blocked and if they pressed a button i’ll just let the 3 hit dp go and save my bars for better applications.

One thing to remember is the Shaku gives you enough time to safely set up a pressure game. I use the LP because I don’t want to risk the HP whiffing the first hit.

Also if I am feeling brave I’ll let Ultra fly. I’ve gotten a couple of those against people who consistently mash after blocking.

I know i’ve done my fair share of “tick ultras” against scrubs who mash crouch tech. Just do c.lp c.mp (buffer jabs) half step forward and finish the ultra input lol. It’s amazing how such a stupid tactic will work against bad players

Akuma gets the least from a successful DP FADC frame trap. The Ryu’s, Ken and Sagat get ultra and Seth gets nonsense. Even Fei with nerfed damage still gets something. If only Shaku damage or stun was still useful.

It’s not that bad if you raise the bar in terms of execution. HP DP (first hit 70), FADC, cs.MP(70) xx Teleport xx U2 (421x 70%= 295)
That’s 435 damage. Comparable ryu’s DP FADC U1 I believe.

Won’t argue that point, but you still have to use it to deter people from brainlessly mashing. If nothing else it gets players to think twice about sticking out that poke.

You can’t deter people from brainlessly mashing with Akuma’s dp. You can punish, but the damage output is so small the opponent won’t be fearful enough to stop.

You know alot of people complained about Vanilla Sagat but at the very least he forced people to play honest. His damage output on a DP FADC kept scrubs from slapping buttons and jumping mindlessly. I miss having big damage for the cast. Low damage results in low consequence allowing for braindead plays.