Akuma's footsie game



How do you play footsies with Akuma?

What range should you generally stay at, and what pokes should you use? Does it depend on the match up? Playing offensively or defensively?


There’s a good thread about this someplace, I asked the same question a while back and one of the very experienced players gave a great explanation of where to space yourself and play the footsies game… Let me find it…



I do believe I’ve been thoroughly outdone.


I love me some cr. mk xx hadoken.

Cr. mp is a good counter-poke move. If someone is trying to out-poke you, like Chun or Abel might, put it just outside their range and buffer a tatsu or fireball. St. mk can work as both a poke and counter-poke (it can beat a shoto cr. mk if used correctly), but you’ll have to get creative with follow-ups.

Try thinking of it this way… In footsies, you’re fighting for the land beneath your feet. Notice the distance between you and your opponent and your respective distances from the corner. Whoever’s back is closest to the corner is fighting up-hill.

As for the space in-between, you want to pay attention to your spacing as you close or expand distance between your opponent. There should be specific points where you need to be extra aware – jump-in range, cross-up range, range where you must block a fireball, sweep range. What you do at these ranges can be telling – lots of people will flinch at jump-in range or hadoken range. It’s not necessarily a bad thing since more people will jump at jump-in range. If something happens at a specific spacing as you’re walking forward, or moving backward, keep note and counter it the next time.

The range you want to be at depends on what you want to do. Say you want to get real close to Ryu so that you can throw him, which can be a long walk. As soon as you get within jumping range, he jumps on you. If you didn’t flinch, Akuma should be able to continue and force a whiffed cross-up and counter him with cr. mk, uppercut, or throw. Say he doesn’t jump, but throws out a cr. mk or a hadoken to stop your advance – these are problems you need to be able to solve to get better at footsies.

Basically, you don’t want to jump unless you’re being psychic onetime and predicting something that’s laggy enough to get hit by a jump-in.

Ed Ma should have some nice footsies examples on youtube. Or check out Daigo vs. Justin Wong’s Abel.


far.HK can be FAed on the first hit and then back dashed so the second whiffs completely. I don’t believe you are at any frame disadvantage but it disoriented the hell out of me the first time I saw it. But you can cancel into Ultra if you have it and you see them FA :slight_smile:


Akuma’s c.MK isn’t so gdlk like Ryu though, sorta bums me out. s.HK(f) and c.HK seem to be fantastic for me. What Akuma lacks in c.MK he makes up for in his fantastic sweep.


I’m agreed with Lord of Ultima on Akuma’s cr.MK poke for now.

Ryu (and Ken) gets so much use out of his cr.MK poke in all his footsies and it always bums me that my footsies with Akuma are so dominated by his Double Roundhouse and the sweep. When they do get inside cr.MK range, I find myself just going for the sweep anyway, insured in case I misjudged the range or something.

Makes me feel quite amatuer inside to play like that for some reason; missing out on FADC extensions etc. In times I’ve wanted to force his cr.MK into my game, I don’t feel the same effectiveness with it that I’ve got when playing Ryu in a mess around. Perhaps the hitbox isn’t as good or something, but for me it doesn’t feel as useful to Akuma.

I often revert back to the old sweep naturally after a while of using cr.MK and when the pressure int he game rises, having to again force myself to look back on another occassion.

Is my game remaining naive from my taking the easy way out with the reliance on the sweep? or am I simply using the most of what’s perhaps the often superior footsie tool in the sweep anyway?


The thing is Ryu can cancel 2 mk with hadoken, and supercancel with super.
Gouki can’t. Cancelling with hado isn’t safe at max distance. you can be shoryued, or FA punish. I think mid range isnt good (at least vs ryu). You wanna be at max range for hp and lp shaku mixup (to avoid tatsu punishing) or at point blank range IMHO


wait so what do want to do when playing footsies the same thing as ryu or what plz go more in depth.


What he said…

I hope they buff that to be as good as Ryu.


I know what u mean …akuma c.mk is half as fast ,so the head fucking works on mid range talent,nothing like the ryu c.mk …it def would give akuma a more intimidating setup also with the c.mk,hdkn,fadc,hp,tetsu,lp srk,fadc,fire motherfuckaz…i would use that WAY more…for now my most reliable set up for that is cross up on wake up or just plain conter hdkn…any advise though on a good setup for that by the way?


crouching Strong is a brilliant move


Actually Akuma has the faster cMK, Ryu’s is 21 frames and Akuma’s is 20 frames according to the frame data (and they both have a 5 frame startup). What makes Ryu’s better is that it has 5 active frames where Akuma’s only has 3. Akuma’s cMK provides a better frame advantage in that Ryu’s is -3 on block and 0 on hit (but you can xx it), while Akuma’s is -2 on block and +1 on hit (still can xx it). I think this means that Akuma’s cMK is one frame easier to combo off of. If you had Ryu’s cMK it would be probably be harder to do that combo. In terms of setting that up, just go into training mode and learn to hit confirm the cMK -> Fireball. If the cMK hits you FADC cancel the fireball and go into the combo, if the cMK gets blocked, you throw the fireball but don’t FADC. Once you can do this just use it as a medium range poke and then when it hits go into the combo.


The frame data is fact and is not to be denied. But still…why does Ryu’s c.MK xx hadoken seem more aggressive and precise than akuma’s? Does 2 extra active frames make that much of a difference? I see Akuma get punished in between the c.MK and the fireball alot more than i see it with ryu.


You right about the data …but i was wondering the same thing it just seems like a huge diff…its hard for me judge the hit confirm on that combo because it seems that u have no error for time between the fadc to hp …


the reason why is what people have already stated:

akuma cant combo cr.mk xx fb from ranges that ryu can… and akumas is subsequently looser on block as well… its just not as good of a poke string as ryus cr.mk xx fb

plus ryus combo does 10 more damage than akumas and one less frame of startup plus his fireball travels faster than akumas.

add it all up and its basically ryus combo if looked at like one poke instead of 2:

has more range
does more damage
is safer

however akuma straight up beats ryu when it comes to empty cr.mk footsies… but akumas is much less scary when canceled into.



That’s purely because of the difference in fbs, not the c.MK. Ryu’s fb is faster, so the way it’s used, it reaches the opponent while they are still in blockstun from the kick. Meaning there is no possibility they can reverse with anti-fb moves, since they will be kept in blockstun. For long ranges, Akuma’s fb is too slow moving to reach them while they are still in blockstun, so they have an opportunity to reverse.


So at absolute max range Akuma could cr mk xx fb xx FADC ryu and ryu could reversal srk after the cr mk and pass through akumas fireball where if the situation was reversed akuma could not do the same to ryu?

wouldn’t that just mean absolute max range cr mk from akuma cannot combo into a non EX fireball?


Akuma can’t combo into any of his fireballs at max range, and as far as I can tell neither can Ryu.(maybe his ex)

However Ryu’s cMK is waaay better than Akuma’s.


yeah akuma cant combo into anything from max c.MK afaik