Akuma's Frame Traps

Frame traps main purpose is to get counter hits by punishing your opponent for pressing buttons in the middle of your block strings (mashing jabs or OS tech, late OS techs…etc) a counter hit normal attack will deal 25% extra damage and stun than it normally does, counter hit light attacks (lk, lp) will give 1 extra frame advantage, as for medium (mk,mp) & hard attacks (hp,hk) they’ll give 3 extra frame advantage on counter hit, which makes linking certain combos and specials possible that aren’t in normal situations, i.e CH cr. mp > sweep or CH cr. hp XX Shakunetsu.

Here’s a great thread about frame traps from the Bison forums (which was the reason I created this thread). You can also check this very informative post by Toxy (one of the best Akuma players) on ozhadou forums that has lots of useful information about how to beat opponents defensive options (late cr.techs, stand techs, mashing jabs…etc), Thanks for mentioning it Gamogo.

Here’s a quote of Toxy’s post about the subject in-case the link isn’t working:

Toxy’s post

(I will use Ryu for these examples below since everyone knows Ryu)

For example in Melbourne i see most people do a basic block string and finish it with a tick throw or do something for example with ryu and do c.lp, c.lp, c.lp, c.mk > fireball to push the opponent out.

If you keep doing a block string into throw every time against someone who knows how to crouch tech, it’s going to be too hard to get a throw on them since you are not mixing up your block string, and if your doing a block string just for the sake of pushing them out, your wasting an opportunity, doing a block string for no reason doesn’t achieve anything, it’s your chance to deal damage to your opponent.

What you should be doing is mixing up your block strings so your opponent has to guess, e.g


To beat someone who does delayed crouch tech you can do for example [c.lp, c.lp, walk up, c.mp+lp+lk] [c.lp, stand up, c.mp+lp+lk] (if you LP + LK while doing your c.mp, if they go to throw you, you will tech)

If you timed it right and opponent went to crouch tech you will get counter hit on him and then you are able to confirm into a combo, so once your opponent sees that you are able to beat delayed crouch tech hes going to be more scared to just spam crouch tech because he knows your able to beat it so then you will be also able to start landing throws on him.


If the defender believes you are going for block string that beats delay crouch tech, then he can mash on a quick start up move like a c.lp which will beat that setup since you will hit him while hes walking over to you.


If the attacker thinks your going to do that he can do a “frame trap” for example c.lp, slight pause , c.mp, which you time so it leaves a 1-2 frame gap for him to stick out a normal, if he went to spam c.lp you will score a counter hit on him.


If your opponent uses stand tech instead of crouch tech you have to do different things to beat that, eg [c.lp, c.lp walk up uppercut] any type of move that has invincible start up will beat throw e.g DP type of moves

But this is very risky if they block it they will be able to punish you, so mostly use this when you have 2 meters so you can cancel in case they block it

another way to beat someone who stand tech is by using dive kicks e.g Cammy and Rufus, do block string walk up a little bit then do a dive kick, If you dont use those character though you can also do something else

e.g c.lp, c.lp, walk back (they have the whiff throw animation) then you can just punish their whiff animation with what ever you want


simply do a string with no gaps in between e.g c.lp, c.lp then just crouch block, or if the opponent is the type that will uppercut only when your a bit closer, after your string walk up slightly then crouch block


Frame traps > Normal spamming
Normal spamming > delayed crouch tech counter
Delayed crouch tech counter > delayed crouch tech

These are Akuma’s normals that’ll leave him with frame advantage on block (some might be useless because of their hitbox such as fs. lk, but I’m just mentioning 'em for the sake of completion and maybe someone might figure out something useful with 'em vs certain characters):

+1: fs.lk
+2: st.lk, cr.lp, cr.mp
+3: st.lp
+4: fs.lp

You can check the frame data for the rest of Akuma’s normals here (frame advantage for far st.lp is wrong there btw).

Akuma’s most used frame trap is probably cr.mp (or st.lk/cr.lp) slight delay > another cr.mp which on counter hit gives +8 frame advantage that you can combo into sweep or far roundhouse (1 frame link).

Here are some other frame traps (this isn’t a full list of Akuma’s frame traps):

1 Frame Window
cr.lp > st.mp
cr.mp > cr.lp

2 Frame Window
cr.mp > cr.mp
cr.lp > cr.mp
st.lk > cr.mp
cr.lp > st.hp

3 Frame Window
st.lp > cr.hp
cr.lp > cr.mk
cr.mp > cr.mk
st.lk > cr.mk

4 Frame Window
cr.lp > cr.hp
cr.mp > cr.hk
st.lk > fs.hp
cr.lp > fs.hp
fs.lp > fs.hk (vs large characters i.e Sagat, he’ll block the fs.lp while crouching)

6 Frame Window
st.lk > fs.hk
cr.mp > fs.hk

Far roundhouse should only be used as a frame trap vs characters that can’t dodge the 2nd kick of far HK while crouching to avoid being punished.

Just to be clear, I didn’t find these frame traps, credit goes to whoever posted in this thread: LoyalSol, West, ShinAkuma204, DevilKnight…etc (I’m not saying whether they discovered the frame traps or not, just where I got the info from).

Finally, if there’s any false information in this thread or you think something should be added to it (frame traps, other info…etc), please let me know so I’d update it.

Hate to be the big giant newb, but can someone briefly explain frame traps? I hear it a lot, but don’t quite know what they are. Would help the thread become more useful to everyone regardless of skill! =)

This is the abbreviated version because I have to leave for a final here shortly so I can’t really give you an indepth explanation just yet. I am sure someone else will be glad to after this.

Basically certain moves have a positive frame advantage when blocked (That is you recover faster than your foe will). c.LP and c.MP both have these properties.

What you are doing with a frame trap is using that advantage to fool your opponent into attacking you when in reality your move will come out first and defeat his. For instance, if I were to do a simple block string like c.LP > c.LP > c.LP the string itself would be completely safe leaving me with a +2 on the last block. Now immediately after I would quickly stand up, walk a little distance forward, and quickly throw out another c.LP. If performed correctly, your LP will be active before your foe can throw out any attack. If your foe attempts to use any attack you will receive a counter hit.

The reason this works is because even the fastest move in the game has a 3 frame period of time where their move will not hit because it is still starting up. So when you begin your Jab you get a one frame head start. From the perspective of the frames, It looks kind of like this.

Foe: Last Block| 1st frame | 2nd Frame | 3rd Frame
You: 1st Frame| 2nd Frame| 3rd Frame | 1st Active Frame

As you see your attack will go active while your foe’s move is still starting up. Thus you beat it out.

Great explanation, though the OP had a direct link to the Bison frame trap forum post, which explains it perfectly fine as well there. So much for actually trying to look for an explanation, huh, Riot? :slight_smile:

Regardless, very well explain Loyal.


I need some shock therapy for learning cr.lp st.hp. That’s pretty much dudleys best block string combo

I’ve come across a problem, that I don’t think I had in SF4.
Against a commandthrow char, whenever I try c.lp, c.lp, c.mp and fail the link to the c.mp, if the opponent was mashing the ct, I will get grabbed. I can’t even use frametrap with another c.lp, I have to either combo og neutraljump to avoid the ct.
Any tricks on those darn mashing grabblers?
Yeah, I know, stay away, but else?

instead of the c.mp, do a shoryuken :stuck_out_tongue:

Usually you can bait the CT if they are mashing and punish them for it. If you can quickly step out of their range in the frame advantage off of a c.LP and let their grab whiff. It is a free punish. You can also use SRK if you have 2 bars to cancel safely.

i am not sure about this but what about cr.lk > cr.mp.

I am not sure about it but I tried to mash lp out of it and the cr.mp came out before i could even lp. I am not sure about it though. Just saying. didnt do in depth studying on this situation but i used it in a match didnt see much of a problem in the match. It kinda helped me a bit.

c.LK is 0 on block. So it isn’t much of a frame trap. Just a block string that is mildly safe.

This is a write-up I made for someone in the Q&A thread about block strings. It’s pasted, so it’s not completely in context but I go into a fair amount of depth in explaining how it works and provide a few suggestions you can use to mix things up:

This isn’t strictly correct because at +2 you can’t stand from a cr.LP, walk forward a tiny bit then crouch for another cr.lp within a single frame. It’s often effective because players seldom have their early counter attacks precise to the first frame they are able to throw them, it’s extra useful on characters who only have 4 frame crouching normals and for beating crouch techers.

But I recommend not doing the step forward against mash-timing.

What blockstring would you recommend against crouch tech mashing?

Yea anyone can mash out of any frame trap, you don’t use frame traps against mashers because you can bait the mashing a different way. On reaction it is hard to jab out of the above frame trap. It is also useful because it regains the ground lost by your original block string without giving up pressure.

Tight frame traps (IE c.LP > c.MP) only an idiot mashes during. The more relaxed ones (3-5 framers) are what usually catch people

Against crouch tech mashers, its just c.jab>c.jab> delay for an instant then c.strong which should land a counter hit and comboing into sweep

for boxer, i like to use c.jab > c.jab > then right way c.strong, since his c.jab is stupid fast, and people like to mash it, usually that lands me a counter hit, but some frame traps/ counter hit setups may depend on character

How reliable do you guys think would be to use cr. lk, st. lk, far HK as a frame trap vs characters that are forced to block both hits while crouching?

It’s aimed for beating late option select techs, Bison’s cr. lk into close standing fierce is a very famous frame trap to catch people who tech late, it has a gap of around 7 frames. Akuma’s cr. lk, st. lk pushes the opponent enough to be in kara throw range and far rounhouse would come out at this range instead of close. St. lk is +2 on block, so there’s a gap of 6 frames between it and the far roundhouse, if it connects = huge combo and even an untechable knockdown vs tatsu sweepable characters.

looks good, i’ll give it a try…the gap is kinda big tho

OKAY I need some serious help. I will be making a new thread if no one answers me in here<3 But uhhhhm yeah, help time.

My frame traps are broken.

c.jab~c.mp barely catches ctechers for me. I understand that you need to change the timing for early/late techs, right? (correct me if i’m wrong, I need to clear all confusion :D)

BUT s.rh ~ c.mp seems like it ALWAYS works… of course that’s not good, because rh doesn’t hit on everyone crouching. that’s a 4 frame gap, while jab to low strong is a 2 frame gap. To answer my question… that I never asked. What do i do for someone who is mashing tech? (roughly 4-6 c techs in a block string)

I hope this doesn’t confuse anyone, I’m just frustrated at… 3:46 am in the morning<3 Not to mention, if i could get this issue solved it would help me out SIGNIFICANTLY. Should I use c.jab c.fierce instead, since that’s a 4 frame gap? ( i believe)

You can experiment with your tactics if you are sure they are teching. Later techs are much easier to step back on and whiff punish or walk back, walk forward and throw. Stepping forward into your cr.MP instead of just doing it blank also works well on late tech by representing a walking throw they will want to tech pronto; it eats up that extra time and works well for Tokido.

cr.LP to cr.HP is a larger gap that works on delay timing but is not especially for very late teching. It is however worth trying in this case. You can also use far standing HP after more than one cr.LP as it counter hits techs and can’t be ducked while keeping the same gap as the cr.HP at slightly further out ranges. Just practice the counter hit sweep link with this as it is tight in Super.

TK EX air fireball is also great on late techs.

Those are some of the extra options you can try. If you have matches on replay with input and can use playback (via uploading them to youtube for example) then you can check through them to help identify what kind of tech timing (and if it’s standing or crouching) is giving you trouble.

If you can’t do this you can also cr.LP and just walk back or do nothing on one occassion just to watch what they tech with and roughly how late.

yeah I understand that, it’s that when ppl mash tech… c.mp doesn’t catch it for me. So i’m wondering if i’m doing it too early or too late. Then again, i’ll mix up the timing, and it still won’t catch it, it’s getting so frustrating.