Akumas from Onatrio



I feel like I’ve hit a plateau. I need to spar with some really awesome akumas to re-spark my mind to new ideas and such. I consider myself a decent akuma.

The reason that I’d prefer for you to be from ontario is that its hard for me to hit the tatsu srk link with lag.

Even if your not though, if you’re in the general vicinity, hit me up

PSN: Kewkie


Not sure where exactly in Ontario you are but there’s a pretty big fighting game community around here. I secondary Akuma so I guess I count. There’s a place in Hamilton called Pownz Gaming Centre that hosts weekly casuals and monthly tournaments. Aug. 1st they’re holding a tournament and giving away a 42" lcd tv as the 1st prize. I’ll be there so if you can make it out there we should be able to get some games in.


Hamilton? That’s WAY too far from me.


Unless you live in like Ottawa then it shouldn’t be. I live a 3 hour drive away from the Greater Toronto Area (and 2.5 hours from Hamilton) and drive there almost every week for tournaments. You need dedication.


Okay, maybe saying WAY too far was an over exaggeration. It’s a bit over an hour drive. And yes, I do lack dedication. But anyways, how good is the competition? I know at the T tournaments in Toronto, the competition is fierce. Even players from the East coast like Justin Wong, Marn and Flash Metroid attend.


TBH I’m just getting into the SFIV scene. The tourney’s I’ve been attending have mostly been SSB tournaments, but due to overlap of players between games I’ve been playing a ton of SFIV casuals at tourneys for other games. If I had good first-hand knowledge of how many people come out for the SFIV tourneys I’d tell you. Instead though one of the Pownz Gaming Centre staff said their SFIV events are usually bigger than their SSB events now which are usually 40+ entrants.

So as an estimate I’d say to expect no less than a standard 32-man bracket. It’s nothing huge, but it’s probably worth the drive for the tournaments (though I’d probably pass on the weekly casuals with it being that far away). I’ll be at the tourney there next weekend anyway, so after that I can give a for sure #. Also I’ll try to talk to one of the SFIV players I know from Toronto and ask what the scene is like there (I’m thinking maybe we should take this to PM’s at this point).

edit: and yeah…T10 is soon…should be pretty amazing.


I might go one day. I’ve been wanting an HDTV.


Nice! Someone discussing POWNZ. Avarice, I run the Major SF4 tournaments at POWNZ (Im the director) and have never seen you there before (you did mention you come for SSB which I don’t run). You should definitely come to POWNZ and play here. We are the most friendly place to start playing Street Fighter at. Most places have a pretty hostile environment due to most of the players being raised in the arcades (old school trick hiding).

The competition at pownz on a normal day is pretty average. The top player at POWNZ are above average, but at big tournaments the big guns come out from Toronto like JS Master, Gerjay etc and things heat up.

If you guys are coming PM me and I will give you all the detail as well as my email address that you can add to MSN.

P.S. when i said average i meant placing in the middle rungs of a big tournament. not the bottom of the barrel. Also Smash/SF cross over event?!!? LETS DO IT


RXS runs shit at Pownz, he runs the ranbats, yells at random ppl for brackets he’s also a nice guy. He knows whatsup.


Well I’ll definitely go to at least one of the monthly tournaments. If I like it, I’ll go again.


ooOOOooo where aboots is this? I will have to pop by.

edit: I checked their site, and saw nothing about it. What time will it be starting at? I will definitely be there


I am your new top player :lovin:

beware my bison


I’m an ontario ryu player, who (like all shotos probably) plays a little Akuma. IgnisCA is my gamertag.

I’m not sure if I’m up to the caliber you’re hoping, but I’d be up for a few matches.

On the hamilton tourney note, I notice that it’s run on both PS3 and Xbox360. I assume it’s a bring your own stick kind of event, do I need to borrow a PS3 stick when I’m there, or are there spares?