Akuma's Fuzzy Guard Options



I noticed we don’t have anything on this.

jb.mp seems to be our best fuzzy guard attack. So far I’ve tested this on:

  • Sagat
  • Gief
  • T. Hawk
  • Seth
  • Abel

These seem to be the ‘big’ characters that mp works on. On other ‘big’ characters it doesn’t and only lp and lk are possible:

  • Balrog (lp and lk only)
  • Gouken (lp and lk only)
  • Oni (lp and lk only)

j.lk seems to be a universal fuzzy guard attack as I can get it to work on Sakura and Ibuki who have small hitboxes (it is difficult though). For the smaller characters your lead in attack needs to be very deep and keep you close, so j.lp or j.lk is your best approach here.

However jb.mp seems to be by far the most effective, damaging and practical despite being character specific. See the hitbox image below.


Interestingly, I can get a reverse tk EX tatsu to function as an immediate air EX tatsu (think tk balls) that connects on Hawk and Sagat, however this doesn’t count as an overhead so it isn’t usable for fuzzy guard attacks.

I’m curious if you guys have found any other uses for fuzzy guard. Its kinda rare in this game though I’ve certainly seen matches taken with it - mostly against Sagat.


better call it instant overhead, I understand fuzzy guard thing when you can combo something after the overhead like Adon.


i have no idea what a fuzzy gaurd is… can someone either explain or link me to an explanation… i thought it was …example when an akuma player uses an ex air fireball on an crouching opponent and is able to walk up and overhead them cuz the block stun forces them to stay crouching… am i completely wrong about this ? cuz i really have no idea


“When a character Blocks an attack High and then switches to a Low guard, although they are blocking Low, the game does not change the size of their hittable box from standing to crouching until the Block Stun ends. This means they can still be hit with attacks that would Whiff if they were crouching normally.”

(From Option-Select.com)


And yes, in IV Adon perhaps has the strongest options to capitalise on fuzzy guard though that doesn’t mean other characters can’t steal a little bit of damage using this technique.


true true but usualy fuzzy guard is for those who can link an attack after an instant overhead. I thibk the Adon’s jag kick can be done after an instant neutral jump ligh/hight kick or something. Worse, If I’m not wrong, Adon instant overhead kick give enough block stun for him to land and link a move (maybe on CH only).

The Adon’s combo is a jump in attack followed by beutral jump kick to bait crouch tech and this [media=youtube]1lR7vZ2lGyk[/media]


thank you for that explanation… i had no idea what it was


I’m not a fan of Akuma’s fuzzy guard. It’s not useful for the most part because you sacrifice your position for 30/50 damage? Other than if the opponent is on the verge of dizzy I see no point.


It works well as a round closer against the larger characters when they’re on either chip or a sliver of life.