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UPDATE: 06/09/11

Due to the forums being moved many of the links were broken. I did my best to repair the links, but I found there were several threads that did not survive the move.

Option Select Thread

** LordOfUltima’s Vortex thread (aka wake up pressure):**


Akuma’s Resets Threads

My thread:
(No longer exists)

Devil Knight’s thread:

Anti-Air Breakdown

Tatsu > Sweep Info Thread:


This is a great idea, this way some of these threads that aren’t stickied will be easily accessible for people that don’t know they’re there.


good shit loyal this is gonna hopefully deter all those stupid threads that are made every single day u should get this stickied


yeah this one should definitely get stickied.
good work, let’s hope to see less stupid threads in the future


I requested a sticky, so have wait and see if we get it.


My juggle thread has moved locations: the original thread didn’t have enough space to fit everything in.


Hmmm how much can you bug the mods without getting into trouble?


try pming them instead of making public posts

also try asking the mods for this area rather than posting in GD who don’t have power here


Heh thanks.

I never usually have to ask for a sticky so I wasn’t quite sure of the protocol.


Good Thinking Loyal…The Fireball Thread is really goona help


what about loltimas combo shower thingy that was awesome what with all the hands and what not?


I don’t remember that one. If you can find it just post a link here.


Don’t forget Tiger Knee Air Fireball - http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=178982


OMG, thank you so much

lol, i’ve been playing Akuma SO wrong


Do you guys know where this post is? Might be a good thing to add. I haven’t seen it, and before I read this post I thought cross up TK FBs left Akuma with an advantage.

Thanks for all the shared info guys! You’ve sure made it easier on new Akuma players!


This is the TK FB thread http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=178982 :rock:


Updated with link to the option select thread.


Whiffing normals for various setups (safe jumps, cross-up tatsus, OS, etc):



Unblockable setup:


Edit: Because this info is scattered I am pasting who this works and doesn’t work on here. Findings courtesy of ‘Spidey89.’


Sup Sol, this is an awesome thread! Also, just FYI:

"More detailed information on Juggling


Isn’t working. Looks like the link got malformed or something.