Akuma's Gem Strategy Thread



We should probably have a focused discussion about gem loadouts and preferences for Akuma that will help us quickly identify (and become familiar with) ideas that work well (and not so well) for various Akuma gameplans.

I suggest discussion take place by identifying your suggested loadout with a caption for either Akuma on point, or Akuma in the back. Even propose a loadout for each if you are so inclined.

It would help make the discussion much smoother if you give a brief description (though feel free to go in-depth) as to what the given plan is for Akuma in this strat and how the gems benefit him in line with his goals… or simply matches well with his general gameplay flow.

For example; if we are to propose good single attack gems for an Akuma loadout; it would help to include some discussion about where and how Akuma mainly gets his damage in this game.

Strats can be general Akuma use; though I think it’ll be common that Akuma will at least partly lean toward a role that varies according to the team and style.

Eg. A particular team may have a gameplan that wants to take advantage of switch cancelling, but needs to make sure the meter is there. Akuma may serve as the battery, or he may be the recipient with a single meter gem that goes in line with this general strat for the team.

It’ll be interesting to clean up the discussion early on which gems are ideal for tanking up Akuma’s life. (and why) And to what extent (if any) Akuma himself can benefit from meter-based gems.

Some thing I’d like to get out of the way as we begin is how the game treats gem effects in terms of stacking:

Does Attack +10% (x2) stack to +20%?

If 2 attack gems do not stack; If you have a speed gem and an attack gem at the same time, do you benefit from both?

If so; would this imply that a general principle of mixing up your gem types is preferable?


My two layouts I use with Akuma on point are.

EX Onslaught (meter + damage)
Immense Power 2


EX Divine Speed (speed + instant health restore)

Working alright so far, but I’m using him mostly as battery to switch into Kazuya for juggle and super. Also to give Kazuya meter for EX reversals.


hmm I would say Akuma needs some gems to boost his defense and regain some of his low health


but if you are confident in your ability to avoid getting hit even once then I would go with meter building gems


if talking about gems, then i think it would be best to talk only about those gems that are available day 1… ie not collectors editon nor dlc only gems.

im still on the ropes about his ideal gem setup… hp may be good, but it doesnt enhance any of his strengths, only addresses his weanesses… though he may be good enough that he doesnt need to stack towards his strengths. speed up gems may be good on him… hes one of the fastest characters in the game as far as walk speed and a speed up gem will make his regular divekick and his demon flip moves more powerful.



Is there any theory on which defence gem benefits Akuma more, between ‘defence % up’ and ‘incurred damage cut’?

I don’t believe speed gems affect demon flip. There was a video about a month before release where Seth was explaining that players can’t use speed gems to speed up their dash enough to do Run Stop Fierce style combos by using the charge cancel feature. He said they solved this by designating the dash cancel as a special, so that it doesn’t get a speed boost.

How is Akuma’s relationship with meter in this game? Obviously every character is better with meter than they are without; but on a team for example, will Akuma often tend to be ‘the meter guy’ or is he a character that does fine without?


yeah, im not so sure about that anymore… i also heard that speed gems didnt affecy frame data… but thats seems to be false… case in point:

jw’s rufus with divekicks was noticeably applying much faster divekick pressure when he had speed gem activated… not only that but jw also did a combo juggling with rufus F+hp and the combo was noticeably faster and easier to time.

2nd example:

when using akuma with the powerup gem that slows down by 10% akumas air hurricane kick rotates noticeably slower. i think speed up gems dont affect certain moves on a case by case basis. like dashes so that rsf shenanigans cant be had.



I’m honestly surprised anyone is using gems since they are currently banned in tournament. But I guess if I were to want gems with Akuma, two meter builders, and the gradual life regain might be nice.


It would also depend on your partner. I would agree with meter building gems if Akuma’s partner really needs meter. Too bad I only have the stock set gems >_<

But who knows what tournaments will do when the USB patch comes out so Its better to have some sort of idea on what would work now rather then trying to find out later


Before the game came out, I decided that I would give Akuma a speed gem, just too amp up the best forward walk speed in the game, and it worked out a lot better than I imagined. I’m not the best at footsies, but as soon as my opponent becomes scared to jump from anti-airs, they’re at the mercy of my sweeps and cr.mp. I think it’s a great gem to have for him, his mobility becomes really effective when one is one. You can walk you’re opponent about half the screen after a knockdown as well. It’s also great for baiting crouch techs, as it seems the range of cr.lk for some characters is really long, like Kazuya, so simply walking back will get you clipped. Might not be a huge game changer for Akuma, but it’s definitely one to be considered. I use a level one speed gem, although I can’t remember the requirements. The other two gems I use are defensive, just because 450 damage solo combos exist…


I’m with vsDejin, don’t use gems to patch a character’s holes, use them to augment their strengths. If I wanted a mediocre character with gems (Akuma + Health and Defense gems), I’d play a mediocre character. Since Akuma is meter hungry and low on life, I think he’s way better second; so since I’m going to be launching him in I give him offense gems off of partner launcher. +10% damage, +30% meter gain when partner connects with a launcher, and another damage gem off of connecting with specials (like fireballs), launch Akuma in and go to town killing characters. Then play the fireball game if needed to activate the last gem. Just don’t get hit.


Well…might as well bring this thread back to life again (I hope.)

I know that this thread is old but with gems slowly being allowed to be used in tournament play, I thought it would be a good idea to at least try to bring the thread back to life again.

Currently I run a mixture of gem setups.

Been using Power Gems especially the ones which give Akuma a damage boost if his partner scores a launcher for the most part with a bit of fortitude. (Always carry one spare defense just in case.)

That said I have been using other gem setups including speed and proficiency as well.

When it comes to running gems for Akuma, it’s pretty open ended in my opinion.


Power gems aren’t actually a bad choice for Akuma in my opinion as his typical standing punishes are pretty strong in comparison to the other Street Fighter cast members (especially without meter) and putting a power gem on him just makes them stronger.

10% may not sound like much but it does make the difference so say for instance you corner someone, have 3 bars, land a jump in and do the following combo:

J.:hk: > Far St. :hk: > Close St.:hp: xxx EX Tatsu > Far St. :hk: > Cr. :mp: (CHAIN) > Cr. :hp: xxx Misogi.

Does 608 damage without any gems equipped however with a level 1 power gem, this thing does 729 damage!


If someone is first starting to use Akuma or wants to play a little bit more safe, defensive style, then defense gems are the way to go.

With average combos doing 300 damage off of simple hit confirms, running a defense gem can save your life if you are on the ropes.


A commonly used series of gems mainly because they last the amount of time they’re activated unlike their close brother called Fortitude.

A 10% reduction in damage is something you have to factor in especially if you wish to KO a specific character or finish them off. This is a good example of where Iron Wall doesn’t fare so well.

Aside from that, the benefits outweigh the cons especially if you have a level 1 power gem equipped to balance out the weakness.


Iron Walls’ close brother. These gems are REALLY good should someone decide to hit you with a really heavy hitting move such as a Super/Cross Art.

However activating these gems is a little finnicky in my opninon especially if your activation conditions are ‘get hit by ‘X’ amount of normal attacks.’

Whilst Fortitude Gems can last until the specific time runs out, any hit after the activation of the fortitude gem deactivates its effect. Which can suck especially if your opponent is an ABC Launch fanatic.


Healing gems are pretty much a universal asset to any character. Akuma does benefit from one due to his low health but I just think the defense gems tend to do a better job.

That said…


Life force gems aren’t that bad to put on Akuma especially because this is a game where the Super/Cross Art animations take around a good 8 real life seconds to fully complete.

If you are hit by one of these long cinematic moves, whilst having a Life Force gem, then your health will still heal throughout the cinematic, which can save your life should you be low on health.


Harmonize gems are like Life Force gems only they restore health instantly when activated. Although personally I prefer Life Force over these gems because of the gradual health restoration effect.



Speed gems are really good kind of like what vsDenjin said (a good couple months ago.) Akuma is already a faster walker and these gems augment that strength.

Speed gems effects are not limited to walkspeed, they also increase the speed at which your character runs across the screen whilst they are tagging in or out.

This allows you get some stronger combo setups such as one hit xxx Cross Art.

On top of this Speed gems increase jump speeds and my GOD this is useful. Especially in a game where heavy anti-air characters such as Juri and Lili can get 300+ off of a simple anti-air.

Simply put, the increase in jump speeds can really screw over the anti-air timings of some characters allowing you to start offense a lot quicker as well as scare the hell out of them because there is guy jumping around like a housefly.

Be careful though as because your jump speed is faster, the timings of your jump in attacks also change as well.


Meter gems are another under-used resource in my opinion, not so much as the speed gems but still under used in comparison to the amount of people who think POWER is the way forwards.

Meter gems for Akuma are good especially for those who run him as a point/battery character. Especially those meter gems which activate after connecting with 3 or so special moves which can be pretty simple to do especially because you can shoot out those specials at a long range compared to other characters who need to be up close for any of their special moves to be worthwhile.


Onslaught gems can be the bread and butter with some people’s gameplans with Akuma, Akuma without meter is alright but with it he becomes pretty dangerous.

I mentioned the effectiveness of Akuma and meter in a similar post I made here:

http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/the-akuma-thread/141952page-10 it’s on post #462.


Pretty under used gem selection mainly because the affects of it are really hard to see in the long run.

Level 1 Gems don’t make too much of a difference as they give back 20% meter (assuming you use EX Moves or Switch Cancels).

Burning 3 bars will only leave you with about just over half of your meter left.

On the other hand with a Level 3 gems burning 3 bars will leave you with about just over half of your meter in tact albeit you face a shorter activation period of 10 seconds as opposed to 20.

Street Fighter X Tekken is a very meter heavy game and a reduction in meter costs is always helpful especially when making comebacks.


I think fortitude gems are the best defense gems imo because they always shave off at least 100 damage. Most vitality gems heal around 80 points and aren’t instant. The iron wall gems reduce damage by a percentage over a period of time. Fortitude gems are better if you’re getting wailed for like 20 seconds straight but in which case, you should be working on your gameplan if you’re getting hit so much.

Fortitude gems 91 and 104 are one of the best fortitude gems imo. A lot of characters’ combos either involve multiple specials and almost every combo goes over 5 hits. In the end though, you should find gems that compliment your style.



I don’t know why but I just love those speed gems.

Like the other day I was playing online, I was making this Lili/Juri player’s life a hell because of the effects of those speed gems.

I just made their anti-airs whiff and punished them heavily for it as well :smiley:


I need to try more speed gems. We can also use command dive kick to mess with them even more.


Was messing about in the lab with Akuma today to spot one really weird thing with one of the gems on him.

The Level 2 Immense Power Gem that activates when you perform a Super Art.

For some reason, this gem can only activate should you do a Misogi. For some reason, doing a Raging Demon doesn’t activate it despite the Super Art being classified as…well a Super Art.

Pretty weird if you ask me. o_O


It’s bad enough quick combos mess up the raging demon and you can’t truly kara it from f.mp but now this?

:arazz: we should riot for this.


It’s not called the Raging Demon for nothing, you know…



No but seriously, put this gem on Gief and when he does his super, the gem activates.

It just feels kind of annoying equipping the gem in the first place since it’s usefulness is halved.

It still has one big advantage though in the fact that it is very quick and doesn’t waste too much time. You can get two of these in Pandora state without the Pandora Extend Gem no problem :tup:


Raging Demon sucks in this game due to the absence of it’s kara and the QC’s. It is also supposed to be one the most powerful attacks in SF but it doesn’t do much damage here.

I use Iron Wall gems.