Akuma's/gouken's new stage music



am I the only one having problems finding the new music for these characters?


I do, i still can’t understand why can’t they just put Akuma’s orginal music in for his arranged BGM. It’s in the game, why put that dumb Ryu music. And besides, akuma’s music is so awesome, to those who don’t know. It’s the music of the stage where you get to fight akuma/gouken after you beat seth.


Akuma has his theme, it was on the Street Fighter IV OST, and it is also present in this game, in lobbies and such. Why they chose to put a Ryu mix as his theme when you fight him makes absolutely no sense.


I too am angered by this development. I hope they patch it soon.


Doesn’t matter, from now on when I enter a tournament I’m just playing his ST theme on loop on my ipod.


I have yakety Sax on loop.



I believe the option on the music consists of the music played during the rival battle in the game. It is not the character’s actual theme…Why? I don’t know lol


It’s rival BGM’s someone was probably drunk and decide who needs to progam all these bgms just switch CPU rival bgm’s ON ! Lazy devs…

Akuma’s and Gouken bgms would have been cool, someone should list this in the patch list.


They’d probably ask Seth Killian to respond something like " It’s not as easy as you think it is "


Plus the original goes with everything


that should be "akuma’s theme goes with nothing"
that was shite