Akuma's House Party

The new akuma thread, imma be updating this shit probably every time im at work.
NOTE: alot of this stuff is just copied and pasted from the last thread so if there are any questions about the info in here ill do my best to answer but no garuntees.

Target Combo: standing opponent (jump in anything) c.lp, c.hp, mk hurricane, dp

(opp standing)
-c.lk(or c.lp) x2, lk hurricane, dp (or lk hurricane again)
(opp crouching)
note: all these combos also work on standing opponents too
-c.lk x2, hp fireball
-c.mk, hp fireball
-c.lk, lk hurricane, dp
-(c.lk/c.lp), c.lp, c.hk, lk hurricane, dp (or lk hurricane) Note: The d.LP, d.HK link is only for when you’re fishing for counter hits with d.LP anyway. It’s just as easy to hit confirm a counter hit crouching jab and link it into sweep xx qcb+LK
-c.lp, c.hp, hp fireball
Note: all of these combos can be done after a crossup fireball setup. If the fireball hits you can do the standing combos because the fireball will cause your opponent to stand.

for all intents and purposes these are all the NON meter b&b combos. there are many variations of these that you can use but its just personal style from here.

super combos:
c.lk x2 or 3, qcfx2 + p
c.lp, c.hp, qcfx2 + p
c.lk, c.lp, c.mk, qcb x2 + p
and as usual you can add jump ins and modify these combos slightly for different situations.

C-Groove Comboes:
Firstly I’m gonna exclude dizzy comboes as they aren’t really practical IMO, as well as comboes that start with ‘jump straight up qcf+lp, then tigerknee qcf+hp’ and the like for the same reason.

Also, although these all start with ‘j.hp, c.hp’, that’s not the only way to land them. That’s the best way to land them as you get the most damage out of it, but you won’t get a free jump in that often. When they’re dizzy though go for it ;). More practically though you can replace the ‘j.hp, c.hp’ with ‘c.lk, c.lk’ or ‘c.mk’ to start any of these.

Most damage with lvl2, anywhere on screen:
j.hp, c.hp, qcfx2+mp xx (last hit, but you still on ground) qcb+lk, dp+hp (2 hits)

Most damage with lvl3, anywhere on screen:
j.hp, c.hp, qcfx2+mp xx (last hit, but you still on ground) hcbx2+lp

Most damage with lvl2, opponent in corner near end:
j.hp, c.hp, qcfx2+mp xx (2nd last hit) hcb+hp, dp+hp (2 hits)

Most damage with lvl3, opponent in corner near end:
j.hp, c.hp, qcfx2+mp xx (2nd last hit) hcbx2+lp, dp+hp (2 hits)

Most damage with lvl2, does not work in corner, DOES NOT COMBO:
j.hp, c.hp, qcfx2+mp xx (2nd last hit) dp+lk, f+hp xx dp+hp (2 hits)

Most damage with lvl3, does not work in corner, DOES NOT COMBO:
j.hp, c.hp, qcfx2+mp xx (2nd last hit) dp+lk, f+hp xx qcfx2+lp (4hits)

NOTE: Those last two have a hole in the combo between the lvl2 super cancel and the grab off the demon flip. Each of them is actually two comboes. The point of listing this is that 9.99993% of players getting hit with the traditional lvl2 combo will either;

  • sit back and do nothing.
  • hold on block in case you’re too slow on a cancel and miss it.
    This means that if you cancel the lvl2 into demon kick and command grab them, they will NOT react in time to you doing so. Hence they will get grabbed and you can continue the combo as listed.

These two do more damage than the traditional lvl2 cancels, but are risky. They are to only be used extremely scarcely as gimmicks in casual, or if you know that you only need 100 more damage to kill off a character. In which case they can be used. Generally though do the first 4, as the more consistent you are with them, the less they will expect the mixup ones.

Sex Combos:

choi special: corner only, c/s.mk, hp red fireball, lp dp (1 hit), hp dp (1 hit).
Osiris: J.Hp,land S.Lp,S.Hp into HCBX2(lV.1), QCB.Lk, QCF.Mp(LV.2) and while akuma is coming down QCB.HK and finish with DP.HP
cr short, short, fierce into lvl3 super fireball (not really sex but all combos with fireball are hard)
j.mp, j.hk hurricane, lk hurricane, dp

Demon Setups:
-[blocked] crossup MK, land, s.lp, s.fp, whiff lk hurricane, land, demon
-[after BnB], small pause, TK mp FB crossup (whiffs), land, demon.
-[blocked] c.lp, c.lp, dash > demon
Knockdown in the corner, DP + PPP teleport into the corner (cross up), Raging Demon. Mix up with Hurricane Kick -> Dragon Punch so that when they try to jump the demon, they get caught with this instead.
Back to corner, RDP + PPP Telport in place, Demon. Most people don’t expect it, but don’t get used to using this.
C.lk, lk hurricane kick (all blocked), demon as you land. Requires near perfect timing.

How To Play Akuma

Akuma has no life!!
the first thing you have to know about Akuma is that you take the most damage (has the least life) in the game cept for vega without his mask. this means that if you do anything risky, youre gonna die, or almost die. you have to be careful no matter how you play be it rushdown, turtle, runaway, or just going toe to toe with someone. I hope to break down these styles and try to explain how they are played and please call me on it if you think something i say is BS and ill try to explain what i mean. im not a great akuma player by any means but i do play him alot in casual so i feel i have a decent grasp of how to play him.

o dam runaway
Runaway is probably the most important style to learn for akuma because of his shitty health. he has alot of good tools for running away namely his teleport, jumping hurricane kick, and his air fireball. Jump back air fireball keeps your opponent from following you too close and jumping hurricane makes you fly hella far. from there you can throw fireballs/build meter. akuma’s fireball is on par with ryu’s except akuma’s knocks down from up close(!). As an Akuma player you need to know when to run away. Obviously you should run away from raged k grooves, popped n grooves, and s grooves which run out after time. asside from getting out of dangerous situations, running away is good for creating openings to get in. Normally you can get opponents to advance towards you which is when you can cause them to push buttons and either punish or rc their face.

Toe to Toe
in this day in age where people use shatloads of toptier characters with pimp ass one button victories, winning in a footsie situation with akuma is very difficult. In general you have a few key normals, c.hk, c.mk, and c.mp. you have to combine these with rc red and regular fireballs in order to score damage/knockdowns in a footsie match. basically what i see japanese players do is whiff the medium normals just outside the effective punishing range of their opponent’s best normal, then rc a fireball in their face (this basically goes for the other shotos as well). the obvious problem with this is that it only takes 1 jump/roll for you to die so you have to be smart and bait them into jumping. When you are using this tactic you have to keep in mind that some characters can jump/roll faster than others so you have to pick your spots carefully.

luckily, shotos are gifted in the anti air section so if you can get them to jump when youre not shooting a fireball you get free damage. His anti airs are: DP, s.hk, c.hp, close s.hp, rc hurricane, s.mk, and rc fireball. the first 2 are your go-to anti airs for basically any normal jumping situation. close s.hp/c.hp are good as anti crossup. rc hurricane is good if you wanna get fancy/knockdown/setups whatever. s.mk is if youre bored and rc fireball is the same. you can mix up these to throw off the douchebags with parry/jd who just jump all day and try to parry/jd everything. vs JD ive found that s.hk is pretty good because youre basically safe afterwards if you do it early enough.

vs rolls, your best bet is to try and combo the roll’s recovery which can be easy or hard depending on the character. if the roll is fast i would recommend just throwing it otherwise try and punish with c.lk. one big plus for akuma is that they are standing after being hit out of the recovery of a roll so you can use any of the standing bread and butter combos into hurricane for knockdowns/mixups.

So here is where akuma becomes scary. what you gotta do is wait for this one. THE NUMBER ONE THING in rushing down is GET THE KNOCKDOWN. your rushdown is pretty shitty if youre standing up. so the first thing about rushing down is getting the knockdown.

Akuma is neat because he has many ways to get a knockdown. He can Throw, Sweep, Hurricane, SRK, close Hadouken, and red hadouken. as to how to connect with any of these things is a different story. for throws, youre rarely gonna be able to throw someone from a footsie range without eating a fuckload of shit (yeah a fuckload). Throws are mostly to keep the momentum in your favor/mix it up once youre already in close. To hit people with a c.rh normally youre gonna have to try and hit it after they do something, run/walk up after a laggy normal and alot of times opponents will just walk backwards instead of block low. this strategy of course works much better with run grooves because if you try and dash your gonna get decked in the face. Hurricane unfortunately is not great for knockdowns beacuse it normally has to be comboed into, unless you can use it as RC for anti air. as for hadouken strategies, just look at the toe to toe section.

So once you get the knockdown youre golded, sorta. you gotta mix it up. akuma has alot of options on wakeup and its important to try and remember to use all of them depending on matchup and player. The first and most common mixup is his crossup, j.mk. there is a way to time it so that its really freakin hard to block and although im not great at timing it, i know what it looks like when its done correctly. you wanna get it so that akuma’s ass is exactly where their head is supposed to be, if its a shoto height character. I really need to ask combofiend how to time it and do some experimenting and i will update this when i figure it out. Akuma also has his air fireball crossup which is pretty hard to block as well. hes got a teleport crossup in the corner and hurricane/command roll crossups off of sweeps and srk’s or whatever. im not gonna list all the mixups here because thats what the thread is for, so people can post mixups and the like. you have to think when youre rushing down more than everything because its very easy to become really repetitive. I have the problem of doing the same mixups in the same order when i play sometimes and when you play vs someone more than 1 round youre gonna start getting hurt for your patterns. I know Leezy and other good players look for paterns very carefully so keeping it fresh is what its all about.

it is close s.hk

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Yeah, I like to punish rolls with crouching attacks myself. CvS2 roll is so ghey…nothing compared to KOF rolling, especially with the fact that aside from just rolling forward in KOF, you can also roll backward. That and I think that CvS rolling is a little slower and more punishable. c.lk for life.

You can roll during a crouch, with which you can store a charge while rolling, by which you can RC with charge characters holding down back.