Akuma's j.MK crossup

I rarely see it used. This makes me wonder if there’s a reason this is used so much less often than Ken’s j.MK crossup?

Because its much worse

What makes it worse? It combos into short short or s.FP or s.MK nicely.

Maybe in training mode, but in practice its really difficult to combo it. I have a hard enough time even making the hit actually cross up. I use his air tatsu cross up and flip kick cross ups more than this, but if it works for you, more power to you.

cross up mk does suck on most characters but I’ve managed to land combos off of it quite a few times against makoto’s and some turtling yang’s. Not the best crossup but still useful against some chars I think. Definately not one of his staple moves.

Boy i use MK quite alot in my game, it can cause a bit pressure on alex

Also super jumping into mk links well on necro if timed right can combo hp of it to lk tatsu and so on.

Options i use:

  1. Cross over mk into a throw

  2. Cross over into cr lp, lk, lp + sa1 (some characters just 2x cr lk)

  3. Cross over into Kara Demon (it works seriously)

You guys talking about whiffing a crossup dive kick or actually hitting it? o_O

best application for a cross up jumping mk in a real match is to confirm a fp srk on a hit. You need to hit really late to make this combo into a normal but if you hit early or any time at all you can confirm into a fp srk easily as fp srk comes out in 1 frame so it will me much easier to link than the other srks. Dont use this on the taller characters eg:urein, q, hugo, as if you do the cross k too early the fp srk wont connect but against all medium and small sized characters it will always link.

hitting, if u want to demon after, then mk must hit on top of opponent, so block stun is gone when u land