Akumas Lk tatsu into Sweep

I’m sorry if this has already been asked before but if someone could just quickly respond with a list of names that this combo works on. Thank you in advance.

it’s never been figured out, sorry


Catch up with that thread

awesome thank you joey


One mistake on the second list, it doesn’t work on elfuerte.

It does work on El Fuerte but you have to abuse his weird hitbox to make it work.

So at like point blank, you can do cr. mp, cr. mp xx tatsu or cr. lp, cr. lp, cr. mp xx tatsu and the sweep will connect.

You basically have to end your combo with a far cr. mp xx tatsu. This will make the tatsu hit on its second active frame allowing you to do a 1-frame link to sweep.

So I naturally assume c.lp s.hp would not make the tatsu meaty enough.