Akumas Moves: Safe on block?


I’m wondering which of these following moves are safe on block from Akuma: (Or at least how to tell from frame data if they are safe on block. What do I look at?)

Far standing HK (Does this need to be spaced well or is it always safe?)
down MK at apex of jump.
kick, punch, and throw command from akumas aerial stance thingy.

(I don’t know the names of Akumas moves off hand…)



A lot of these questions, along with many other questions as to if something is safe or not, can be discovered simply by running through training mode and using the recording function. That way you can test as many different variables as you see it and be able to draw a conclusion yourself. This would fall especially true for situations where it starts getting character specific as to what moves you can use and what can’t you use.

As for frame data, whatever it says for blockstun is how much of a frame disadvantage the person doing the move is when the move is blocked. What does this mean? Simple math when you compare the disadvantage to the amount of frames your fast moves have but frame data doesn’t account for every bit of information such as distance. This is why I suggest you run through training mode, setup the situation and learn that way instead of picking up numbers or learning without fully experiencing the situation yourself.

Something will be safe on block from 99% of the moves in the game if its less than -3 on block.

However, that doesn’t mean you still won’t get hit if you try it. For example, for akuma’s down+MK dive, most Ryus will block that and immediately DP you and you’ll get hit if you did anything besides block/teleport away. But you will be able to block.

For Akuma’s stand HK, on smaller chars the 2nd hit will sometimes whiff and the opponent can do whatever they want to you. If you space it so the 2nd hit connects, it’s safe (i think you even have advantage)

All the moves you said are safe.

Its dependent on many things to be honest, range for one. But if a move is -2,-1,0 or a positive number, its 100% safe, because the fastest move in the game is 3frames excluding giefs ultra(2 frames)

Chun’s super is 2-frames.

Akuma’s super is 0 frames =P

far st. hk. safe if second hit is blocked.

the others are jumping attacks so it depends on when you hit them. if connecting higher then it’s less likely to be safe cause you’ll need more time before you hit the ground. d+mk has lower block/stun than the demon flip kick or palm.

Kens Ultra and super come out in one frame…

The range on them is just pretty horrible on start up so it does not seem that way.