Akuma's new costume





A lot of the comments say they say it rocks, I’m not quite sure yet how I feel but I certainly don’t hate it. I’ll get it anyway so :rofl:


I’ll be beating a lot of ass in that costume. I give it an A.


well put


why do they always give akuma that fucking hair thingy on top of his head it fucking bobbles when you focus attack nothing about akuma is serious anymore from his demon armageddon to his new costume…


Well at least that is -one- good change about Akuma in SSFIV. XD


Akuma’s alt

I can’t say if someone came across it or just happens to be a coincidence.

This is what I would’ve liked for Akuma’s alt but still pretty good

But then again, Ryu’s alt doesn’t look like Goku


that thing is badass
looks like samurai type armor.


as long as his eunich type genitals aren’t showing, i’m good.


it’s better than that nappy they made him wear in ssf4 but meh not a big fan of it, reminds of a gears of war locust


yay! no ass cheeks!!


Dammit, no ass cheeks!!