Akuma's overhead grab?


Hello SRK, I know it’s stupid post, flame me hard, but I need to know; few times happened to me that someone playing Akuma just jumps halfway the screen and grabs me for my head and throws me away.

What kind of throw is that? And what’s the input for it?

Thanks! :karate:


its his demon flip grab. you do shoryuken input with the kick button and then press grab when ur a little above their head ull grab them and chuck them.


This. Different kicks will give you different range on the flip, and the EX version will even go from full screen, it kind of “tracks” the opponent. You can also dive kick out of the flip, or hit punch for a wicked facepalm.


Thanks a lot for helping noobish me! Thanks! :smiley:


no one around here has a problem with people trying to learn…

you get flamed when you say something like “akuma is broken got hit with stupid flip grab spam by scrub wtf is it?!”


or shit like “OMFGZOR RAGING DEMONZ IS THE HAXORZ CAUSE IT IS TEH UNBLOCKBALEZ” well super demon is if you do it in their face but thats aside the point lolol


Well, haven’t played SF since Super Street Fighter 2. Started again with SF 4, and loving it, bought two goddamn TE sticks for wife and me, and more than willing to learn. Am a bit too old, and playing video games for too long to blame “haxxorz, cheaters, game mechanics, etc” for my own faults. :wink:

Guess too many kiddos wanting to be pros right out of the box.


^real talk.


Akuma is broken… lol jk, honestly I was a lil upset when I first played akuma I figured that his demon throw would have been able to be done mid-air, was dissapointed otherwise. Tho then again I suppose thats the way its been in the past…


You guys have proven this new system can work… Thank you.



wow you got a spouse playing SF? that’s awesome.


If it goes me, thanks, but am curious what new system. :smiley:


That’s why I married her. :wink:


yea well you lucked out…i got me a damn soul caliber woman >: l

tried to get her into sf…she’s learning, but goddamn I can only watch someone try to srk and fail for only so long


Better soul calibur than nada. :wink:

Mine took some time to start playin with us aswell, but, gotta tell, girl got the skillz, after a short time she caught with all of us and started kickin our butts XD


tis true, and I know I shouldnt be complaining…I’m just not a good/patient teacher lol. She is getting better tho.

It’s just something about SC4 that irks me when I play it. I feel so…hard to explain…constrained. cant jump, jerky movements…just doesnt flow with me, but w/e…or maybe I just suck at it :confused:


No room for complains at you, got a wife, who’s a gamer. XD U lucky bastard. XD

I don’t play any other fighting games xcept SF now. XD Used to play Tekken sometimes, but screw dat now when SF is here. xD