Akuma's Raging Demon - MvC3 Style

Hey everyone, just picked up MvC3 last night and the first thing I started tinkering with is the Raging Demon. If anyone knows me from SSFIV, I love landing this move.

I can’t seem to find any frame data on this game, and as such so far what’ve I’ve found is just based off what I’ve seen. It will take time (and finding out the frame data) before we see if it’s viable in matches and just what kind of set ups we can use

First thing, Akuma’s Teleport. It seems to have a ridiculously fast recovery. For instance, I teleported backwards and on reaction my friend did a Photon Cannon, but I was able to block. Knowing this, the next time he did his Unibeam / Ryu assist I teleported behind him, hid the Demon inputs during the teleport, and as soon as the teleport ended hit him with the Demon.

Secondly, it seems to be an instant grab, if not again a very quick one. It can be used to punish a lot of blocked specials (I’ll try and get a video up sometime soon)

I know the 3 bars can be used better most likely, but I love landing this move. With the multitude of characters and assists with varying block stuns I see a lot of potential for tick demons as well

it has a lot of invincibility frames. You can blow through stuff like hsf from around full screen.

SGS is invincible from frame 1 to its last hitting frame.

A friend and I were playing with Shun Goku Satsu. You can input the commands for it during someone else’s hyper flash and the demon will activate as soon as their move finishes and travel full screen to grab them if they are grounded. You could use it to escape as well.

It beats everything except a few level 3 close grabs (Dormamu, Doom, untested but should lose to haggar). Lots of invincible moves you expect to pass through it grabs. Maybe any command grab with range can grab level 3’s? Untested.

Here’s the real fun bit. If the opponent is grounded and does hyper flash you can SGS them with leisurely reaction. They can escape by DHC , or if far XFC and jump. If they DHC you grab the other character or I believe you recover instantly to block things like hail storm. I don’t have my Brady book handy to check.

The activating your super during theirs works with anyone, but the best benefit is from instant active supers. Counters, BIONIC AARRM, level 3’s, DHC storm/iron guy. etc.

Also the Ashura Warp is cancelable into SGS. You don’t need to wait for the end.

I thought negative edging/buffering wasn’t allowed in MvC3?

Assists are called by negative edge, so it has to be allowed.

how often do you even get enough bars for the raging demon?
to me it seems like you’ll be wasting your meter constantly

There is buffering in MvC3, but no negative edge, releasing the button doesnt count as an input in MvC3

On Topic though, according to the Brady guide it has 5+0 frames startup, and 40 active frames (shit goes more then a screen length), and has complete invicibility all the way through, and does 465,000 damage unXFCed, i believe its the strongest level 3 in the game, you can punish pretty much anything with a long enough recovery from full screen

Also as in SF4, if your opponent is next to you and not already holding up during the flash, they get snatched, so you can do something like a wiffed s.:m:, buffering the two :l:'s inside of it, dash in there face (counting for the :f: input), and then :m:,:h: to point blank demon, which honestly doesnt even need to be point blank, if there within like sweep range they’ll eat it

Teleport has short recovery frames (about 4), but does not have start-up invincibility, so you can’t use it as an escape tool. It’s invincible around the middle, so it’s more like a mix-up thing with assists and the like.

Teleport cancels into SGS ala ROFLcopter in this game, I’m not sure of the window early in the teleport though, as I can only do SGS so fast. You can teleport up to their face and SGS during the warp to get them if you set it up right, I believe.

SGS does a little short of a million damage in level 3 X Factor.

I luv this move as well…! Plus it looks even cooler in MvC3 than other versions…



i gotta agree

Just to be clear, you can cancel ANY of akumas hypers out of teleport

Ah, nice info.

I remember in SF4 there were lots of ways to enter raging demon very quickly, I’ve been messy about with it but the only thing I could find is double tapping L + -> then plinking M + H

Has anyone found an efficient and quick way of inputting it?

By plinking m+h you mean actually plinking h with m?

P linking doesn’t exist in this engine. If it did, we could buffer two Ls with L~M. He’s just saying it to describe a method of input that can get an M~H sequence faster than other methods.

P linking H with M wouldn’t result in an SGS btw.

They can’t just hold up during the flash?

It’s a travelling 0 frame grab. A more traditional version of the SGS, opposed to the ultra version he had in SF4. It has a reach where it will grab instantly if they are vulnerable to grabs in that state. If they are not within that range, then it will have to travel toward them and this additional time is where they are granted frames where they can jump out.

I’m wondering this same thing. LL->MH takes a while to input and I’m finding it hard to punish people with this because of how long it takes me to input it.

Just that if you’re on a stick, it’s like a piano motion. I’ve tried, there’s no shortcut for this move like in SSF4.

I think coupled with the x-factor cancels this move will make akuma extremely dangerous, because depending on the distance I am certain your opponent won’t even be able to xfc on reaction and jump out. He will definitely make a good meter dump paired with chris redfield.