Akumas taunt question



Increases damage for the next hit/combo by 43.8% and increases stun damage for the next hit/combo by 28.1%. One taunt is the maximum

so its saying one taunt increases the next attack by however. but thats it? it wont work a 2nd time?


3 Times iirc


iirc? and it doesnt mention 3 whered you get that?


I think it just means one taunt at a time.


Correct. It does not stack like Q’s taunt.


I read the wrong info then. I was under the impression that it did stack but the 2nd and 3rd don’t do much.


Taunt after the round. That seem to piss a lot of players off.




Pissed off players are off their game.


tested it. it works after the first try and keeps working if your wondering


If I ever stun any of you guys I am taunting for ex damage