Akuma's taunt

I’ve heard the taunt increases damage for the next combo, but can anyone give me some more info? How much damage increase does it do? Does it double or triple if you taunt again? When do I lose the benefit of the taunt, do I have to land a hit, or will whiffing a move waste it?

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Increases damage for the next hit/combo by 43.8% and increases stun damage for the next hit/combo by 28.1%. One taunt is the maximum.

whiffing a few moves doesn’t cause you to lose the taunt bonus. You do lose it after quite a few whiffs, or maybe after a certain time? You lose the bonus if you throw or get hit as well.

You also lose it if you block.

no, you dont lose it if you block. I use the taunt a lot in my matches. Or maybe its just for ps2 and xbox :xeye:

There is no taunt in the game that you lose the properties for after blocking an attack. Only when you get hit do you lose the properties.

right quick question then ?

So if I do Taunt and then Jump in HP, stand HP, weak hurricane and into jab srk and then 2 into 1 SA1.

How much damage wil that do ?

Do it in training mode and see :arazz: Around 100ish I’d guess…

taunt, jump in fierce - standing fierce - short hurricane - fierce shoryuken - fierce SA1 does 93 damage to ryu.

If you do it in the corner and add on another shoryuken it does an additional 2 points of damage.

edit : heres a high damage one - same thing in the corner but add on fierce srk, sa1, rh hurricane kick. i got this as 112 damage to ryu…good for…showing off i guess. :wgrin:

After a taunt, and jump in HP, try:
far Roundhouse - demon (jump in HP has to be a bit far away)
mk, short tatsu, reset kkz

I think the latter is the most damaging combo with Akuma that I’ve seen which works on pretty much everyone.

Remember a little trick though :wink:

If you link a RH tatsu after the forward tatsu, taunt on landing then immediately go into UOH (assuming you’re close enough to the fallen opponent) AND THEY DID NOT QUICK ROLL, then you can link the uoh into super, whether they are crouching or not. CRAZY damage.
after lk tatsu, juggle with lp cancelled to RH tatsu. Taunt as soon as you land, then DASH uoh super works (again, if they didn’t quick roll).

I always mess around with those two combos on XBL. One of the few sure ways I have of linking a super from an overhead, with a taunt to boot :bgrin:

He-he, nice trick, Naz! Akumapedia:)

Oh by the way, one thing I tested in training mode (though only on oro) and double checked to confirm, but it appears to be true :sad:
If you do any poke after a taunt and the opponent blocks it, you lose the bonus straight away. Dunno… I always thought that since you can whiff moves for a while, it would be the same if they blocked. Seems not - so your first hit is what counts.

Cheers Just D, I hope the trick helps if you ever get the chance to use it :tup:

nice post on the taunt combos harmonaz, thanks!

Sorry for coming into this a bit late, but if I remember correctly akuma’s taunt doesn’t affect the damage of the Raging Demon.

You’re right it doesnt. Cos its a grab…