Akumas Vortex vs. DWU



Hey Guys a fellow Gouken / Akuma player here.

Just checking to see how have you been dealing with vortex and DWU against the cast.

What adjustments have you made to continue to vortex or have most of you abandoned to play more footsie based now?


As of right now if the character has crappy wake up options I just delay df dive kick if I see the “technical” sign. Vs good reversal characters I’m palming so far or getting DP’d upon landing lol


vs chars w/ crappy wakeup options, I do F Throw > Dash > Dash > M Demon Kick. Vs good reversal chars, same as VersatileBJN007 haha


If I demon flip in and I don’t see technical I’ll palm, if I do see it I’ll delay my dive kick so it becomes a safejump.

Regular jump ins I’ll command divekick on reaction to technical.
It’s tough to whiff a jab on reaction to the technical seeing as it comes out right as you’re about to leave the ground.

Better off finding a safejump setup for dwu and guessing if the opponent will do it.

Atleast our normal setups are unchanged. Can still land an unblockable on Juri after demonflip grab and the same setup works as a 50/50 on Fei still.


You guys guess too much… lab more…

Here’s a gift… thank me later, though I’ll probably hate myself tomorrow.

Covers normal wake up, DWU, and you still get your OS’. It’s up to you to find the rest of them… I’m not an Akuma main so, you’ll have to get your hands dirty and figure it out the other set ups and the cast that it applies to. :slight_smile:


I’m not getting it. Why is sweep coming out even after df kick is blocked?


It’s the OS for the dwu backdash. In a match you’ll be able to react to the technical and cover your OS properly.


I don’t get what’s happening. How is one setup covering both regular and delayed wakeup?

Looks exploitable by people with actual reversals.


Divekick covers regular wakeup, usually stuffing and causing reversals to whiff, and safejumps 4 frame reversals after a delayed wakeup.


Right so Cody’s better backdash straight to get out. Making DF throw mixup sorta impossible or dangerous. Giving even more sens to wake up focus out, no meaty means more time to try a good wakeup red focus in.

Theory fighting here as I don’t have ultra to test yet.
Keep in mind that delayed reversal is a skill. People learn it, been some time now we all know invincibility is not brain dead and loses to non meaty attacks. So before you get over confident thinking your late attacks beats everything, think of it.

Zangief players know that very well, they don’t have much invul frame on their lariat.


Keep in mind you still have DF Palm and the technical window to mix up with if you delay the dive kick.

Just another tool for the tool box.


Here’s something that I noticed tonight at casuals which I found interesting. If you land sweep in a footsie situation it’s very difficult to react in time to do a delayed wake up. It’s something to keep in mind when you’re going for a set up after this scenario.


I’m still not understanding that set up so I guess I need to see it in match or something. What’s the general consensus so far? Useful new tech? Gimmick?

I guess what’s confusing me is this being an OS when the sweep is still coming out on block and after the dive kick resets - two scenarios that make sweep very unsafe. Not to mention it’s done vs cody who is a character with poor wake up options to begin with.

Edit: Alright I get it now. The OS is the dive kick. The sweep is just what you would do if you see them back dash. Nice.

So what’s the timing on this? Slight step forward, early df dive kick?


I try to gamble as few as possible.


Can’t cody just walk/dash under this in a non dwu situation?


I used a late dive kick, lk version for this one.

DWU is an 11 frame delay so i just delayed it so it would hit late on normal rise and safe jump DWU.

You should be able to hit confirm the block string and choose whatever os you want, probably demon.

DF palm will keep them honest.


the trick is to gamble all the time.


I was talking to a mate about this the other night too. Many throws you can react and DWU against as they are almost like a hitconfirm in that your brain can process and react to what is happening quickly - sweeps (and palm) happen quickly and you really need to be on the ball to DWU. Palm must be very odd. I must admit I don’t play against a great many Akuma players though I can’t imagine palm being something a player could react very well against unless they just mash DWU whenever they are downed. Palm has that unique ‘fast’ knockdown effect that could work somewhat to our advantage.


Exactly what I said when they first told of DWU and the inputs.
How people can react to a palm strike…


Delayed Wakeup Setup- Forward throw, whiff stand roundhouse, react to technical. If they do not tech then you can do a demon flip palm into throw, whiff demon flip palm over them to bait a reversal, demon flip palm into cr.lk low, or demon flip divekick is safe against most reversals without very much invincibility. If they delayed wakeup do demon flip dive, this crosses up on a large amount of the cast, and beats almost all reversals except for some with good hitboxes/high invincibility (ex Blanka EX Up Ball).