Akuma's Wrath of the Raging Demon Pushback


So, when playing online, for whatever reason, it seems about half the times I try to throw out my ultra, Akuma just slides against the opponent for about a second, even pushing the opponent back a step, at which point the enemy just jumps away, and I eat shit.
Why is this happening? It’s cost me several matches in my current 100% defeated streak.
Edit: Game is SSFIV: AE


Nevermind. After the 25th loss in a row, and the third or so to scumbag tactics today alone, I’m done with fighting games again. I remember why I hate them.


Akuma’s Ultra 1 has 5 frames of startup, unlike super. You can’t use it as a point blank grab like the other demons, you have to punish or anti-air with it.


Besides what the above user said, you have to understand Akuma’s U1 is a throw so it will never connect in situations the opponent can’t be thrown and will push them back instead. An example is if you’re hitting them with cr.lps (blocked or hit) while performing the motion for the ultra.


This guy sounds like a born winner.