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Ok, fuck this motherfucker. I really need help with him. I know he has low stamina and gets stunned mad easy, but that doesnt matter if I can’t even capitalize on that shit. The only time I find myself getting hits on Akuma players is if they badly place their air fireballs. This allows me to parry and go for an anti air. When they do those red fireballs from a distance, then I can do EX RDP+K and if it decides the game, I can cancel into super. Or if I block SRK. Sometimes when Akuma players sweep or go for low forward. I do f.HK, that pretty much shuts that shit the fuck up. Everything else is a problem for me.

#1: Demon Flip mixups.

Seriously fuck that shit. The only time I can get myself out of this shit is if I guess parry that they do the kick version. If I get grabbed then thats my ass and it’s meaty mix-up time.

#2: Hurricanes

These things are just gay. Rainbow ass shit yo. Hurricanes owns Ibuki air to air. You have to block hurricanes standing or they cross up. I don’t know if it is online or not, but I cannot fucking punish hurricane on block unless it’s the LK version. Is my only saving grace that forward button? I can’t parry, the concept scares the fuck out of me. Some attacks come too fucking fast and I get nervous. Some examples are:

Any normal in Genei Jin

Fully charged denjin

Akuma’s RH hurricane.

Maybe I can go for the red parry on the blocked RH hurricanes. My problem though it doesnt slow down even on block. Like Chun’s SA2, Makoto’s SA2 and Kens SA3. So you can easily see the red parry.

I just can’t fucking parry fast attacks. Me trying to parry in a clutch situation is almost as bad as my phobia of big bodies of water.

I have to use the following characters when Akuma goes overboard on the hurricanes:

Their low forwards are godly for punishing whiffed hurricanes. But this is the Ibuki forum not the Ken or Chun ones.

#3 Just straight up airborne:
Now if your opponent takes it to the air. There is no way in hell Ibuki can apply mixup pressure. For the life of me, I can’t find a suitable anti-air vs. Akuma. DP+K is terrible. C.HP is an abomination and should be removed from her move list. Far s.RH trades with Akuma in his favor most of the time.

Other miscellaneous shit:
Gake mixups are a mixed bag. They’re good if the opponent doesn’t know them. Because the resets and side switch allows for big damage to accumulate. They’re terrible if they do know them. Once they figure out what to do in a Gake mixup. Thats your ass. Gake makes Ibuki take 50% more damage (seriously, whos fucking idea at capcom was that?)

I don’t how to use mindgames because I’m an idiot =/

i don’t play ibuki so i can’t give you help there. BUT about parrying and being scared to parry, that is a self fulfilling prophecy.
the fear makes you freeze up and fucks up your ability to react. if you think “FUCK I HAVE TO HIT THIS AND WHAT IF I MISS” that worry MAKES you miss it because while your busy thinking that the frame you needed to react on just came and went.

you have to believe that you can parry it and don’t think about missing it. just parry and it will happen for you. you also might wanna hit up training mode to get the timing down if you don’t know it.

just pretend you are parry god and don’t beat yourself up when you miss it because that will make you miss the next one too.

some other things:

no one should ever be getting a FULLY charged denjin off on you. could you be more specific about the times you get hit with that? you should be able to quick rise or do other things to get out of a fully charged denjin.

as far as parrying genei jin goes its not generally the best idea unless they always go for the same setup or attack string or they are doing a move with doesn’t easily allow them to combo. the risk/reward scenario is generally not worth it. turtle it out and watch for command grab during the last 1/3 of genei jin, thats when they are most likely to do it.

stay offensive minded

kinda harder to do in practice, than state in theory of course, but this match imo is psychological. parrying is high risk, but high gain so maybe you might want to amp up your parrying in that regard (specifically with ground hurricane kicks). my suggestion with the demon flips is to use a command dash as soon as they leave the floor, followed by the launcher RH (and follow-up of course!). also, try super jumping straight up and using the Fierce, -> + foward air combination. remember HE CAN’T BLOCK OR PARRY mid-demon flip so capitalize! if you manage to parry the dive kicks (which i don’t recommend myself until your parrying is godly) snuff him out with a <- + Strong, Fierce and Jab command flip/throw kunai or even RH launcher for confusion set ups. if a move is being overused (IE: demon flip), a pattern is being formed, and therefore should be countered. this means not being intimidated though you’re being knocked around. granted ibuki has pretty low stamina, but she is still the swiss army knife of offense! i’ve had so many games where i’ve been down to 5% but because the other player abuses the same moves over and over, gets punished by ibuki’s high damage and stun on the counter offensive.

MIX WELL! playing ibuki’s mind games feels weird because it feels like you’re just throwing out random shit for block stuns at first, but you learn what to throw out between jabs and strongs on the mix-up the more you pressure and play with her. you know you’re doing so when you fall into trance, and your hits (whether they’re blocked or not) come out naturally o_O kind of a funny concept, but my best matches have been won when i’ve stayed on the offensive, lost consciousness of what i was doing and left the opponent on the dead on the floor in under 10 seconds… =P

oh and one more thing… playing ken and chun may stifle your game with ibuki. no real option parry selecting as you would play ken, and you seriously can’t play like a turtle as you would with chun li (turtling with ibuki is SUICIDE). i know you might be looking for a low Foward to SA type whiff-punisher, but ibuki simply doesn’t play that way (even with SA3 cancels). she’s offensive, heavy on the EX’s and should be played with the mindset of intimidation.

-Red Parry hurricanes, Like, Learning parrying that last three kicks or so… Learn that shit, unless you wanna lose…
-Jumping straight up, Ex kunai ( I don’t think you should even be jumping straight up with Ibuki anyway… Unless you’re really far away… )
-I’m pretty sure there are option selects with Ibuki to fuck up Demon flip mix-ups.

Just poke for the life of things, F+ Hk all day if you have to.
You’re mainly looking out for landing EX hurricanes on him and The command grab thingie.

And remember you have that EX, Use that shit alot…

I havn’t used Ibuki for a long time, I used to use her when I was a noob…

most of the time you dont have to red parry a hurricane if on the ground, block low and switch blocking direction if needed. Be ready to punish, the timing is tight so hopefully he will be close enough for a lp mp hp combo. Try to react to his flips with a srk + kk.

I think juice1919 is going to replace deviljin in a few months :rofl:

Thanks for all the help guys.

Where’s DevilJin and Feint When you need 'em?