Alabama SBO Player

Any of you guys know/played him?

After seeing that vid, someone definitely knows him.

isnt that RaekWon? really good Potemkin player…never played him but i saw him at NEC…

…Potempkin player…I hate him already!

WTF? Reveal your self! Good stuff, can’t believe publicity is actually getting out there like this. He’s not actually a sponsored gamer now though, is he? Seemed like he only won it as a prize or something…

cool a potemkin player (and a brotha)

That store looks kinda sick…THAT’S what we need around America, more of those!

Very cool.:tup:

he posts on dustloop

Why the fuck is CBS reporting this??
Very awesome, but raises many "WTF??"s.

tsk, a potemkin player making it to SBO? that’s not news worthy.

now, if a zappa player made it…:sweat:

jus playin. that’s pretty impressive that they covered his story in the news. if Mr. Nickleson (sp?) happens upon this thread, good job to you and i hope you do well in the tournament.

Holy Shit, thats Raekwon187!!! Good shit Isaac, congrats!! I didnt know you played gear!

For those that don’t know him, Raekwon use to be a big marvel player in the atlantic south back in the 2002-2003 days when Florida was getting big in Marvel (Mixup, Blazin, etc) He’s a cool cat!! He even won one of the tournies in Gainesville IIRC

Oh shit?! Isaac on TV?
Nice find on the video!!

Lol yeah thats raekwon. GO BEAST IN JAPAN SON! Go pot buster peepz.

He’s currently in Japan with my other team mate Jais… lol


let’s not be bitter since that could’ve been you on TV

j/k death to emofag

I saw Jais and Raekwon (and emotiongear) at Joybox last night…

Yeah, he got me into the scene. Really cool/funny guy. He needs to get back on that 3rd.


He plays potemkin because he IS potemkin. I hope Isaac goes gojira on the little folk. Good luck to all the SBO folks.


Just kidding. Raekwon is awesome and I hope he does well at Tougeki.