Alabama SBO Player

grats hope he does well on Emotiongears Hand Picked Team

i just want to see them win and not get butt-raped.

good luck to the participants.

That’s pretty cool seeing a local news station cover something like that. Good for him.

On a side note: the comments under the video are fucking retarded. I thought the Youtube community was bad.

haters will be haters. if I was a no life 13 year old and I saw some dude getting a paid flight to Tokyo, I’d probably start hating too lol. But good on that guy. Yeah, he may be big but he’s probably 1000 times friendlier and better than any person hating on him for his size.

Wow, that’s cool. I hope he does well.

Raekwon is dat niiiiiiiiiiggaaaaaaaaaaaaaa to beeeeeeeat at SBO!!

Thats whole all the comments are for every video,kids :shake: Your avatar is super funny though :rofl:

Raekwon will Pot Buster the Japanese IRL to victory!


Yeah, seriously. I saw him live for the first time at FR this year and I was like, “Wow, that nigga will AA Pot Buster you with the swiftness!”


Good luck Raekwon187. Fuck the hate comments on that site…

“nigga never opens his eyelids”

“nigga needs to stop playing street fighter”

haha. Whatever.

‘‘Those games he was playing looked old as hell’’

this comment pissed me a lot for some reason

Take WorldStar’s comments with a light heart. Their visitors are for the most part teenage, uncultured idiots.

welp, Team USA plays Ogawa’s team first round.

the two ST teams got Tamashima/Hakase and Yuuvega/Noguchi (both top 4), now this

go pot buster some fools while you’re still alive, isaac!

good luck in Japan Isaac!! Go 'bama

thumbs up

They play Fumo’s (Aba player) team, not Ogawa’s.

Good shit isaac, you gotta rep bama hard. That interview is mad funny though. You know Ima be on you about that.

i want raekwon to give me a bigass hug

I don’t think he’s capable of any other kind.

Wow this has inspired me to play ggac too bad both my freaking ps2’s broke…